Hike Koko Head Crater Trail

Hawaii Koko Head

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Get a real sweat going and earn that extra plate lunch you're about to eat and reward yourself with 360 degree views of the island, then take your wobbly legs back down. 

When you're looking up the hill, don't get too intimidated, there are old grandmas and young kids hiking up these tracks. Take a sip of water, muster your mental toughness and put one foot in front of the other. Once you're moving, there's no way you'll turn back! When you get to the top, soak it in for a minute, and think about what you accomplished! If you're really looking to get after it, it's best to show up early in the morning before the crowd gets there. Also, there's no shade, so it's ideal to hit this trail while it's not too hot. Once you're spent, if you're heading back into town, be sure to make a quick stop at Diamond Head Market & Grill and really reward yourself!

Pack List

  • Running shoes
  • Athletic clothes
  • Water
  • Mental toughness
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How to Get There

8 months ago

Great View!!

Finally made the trek up Koko Head the other night... the hike itself is not thrilling but the view is definitely worth it! Make the journey on a full moon for an awesome lunar display!!

8 months ago

11 months ago

One Step At A Time

This is a very straight forward hike but by no means easy. Your tank will be absolutely empty and you'll look up and realize your not even half way. But the view from the time is totally worth it!

11 months ago

over 1 year ago

The train that could

It's a cool train track hike with a portion that's slightly mid air, so be aware you may have to go slowly if someone is afraid of heights. View up top is great, and the whole way up I was contemplating how much effort just have gone into putting a track on the hill. The whole way down I wondered why they didn't build a humongous slide, haha.

over 1 year ago

over 1 year ago


on our trip to hawaii we went on this hike and took us about thirty minutes to walk up. it was fantastic---it was the biggest workout i had in months! i couldn't even believe that we made it to the top! you could see the tursoquise water from the top and it almost seemed you could see all of eastern hawaii! i really recommend this hike but i definitely recommend on bringing water and being extra cautious going down, it is very dangerous. the steps are getting old and it is really steep, i fell a few times as well as others around me !

over 1 year ago

almost 2 years ago

A great quick and high-intensity climb. The top of the stairs is fairly overgrown, but the views on the way down more than make up for it. A great way to get in some exercise and amazing views after a long beach day.

almost 2 years ago

about 2 years ago

Going up isn't too bad. Coming down is killer on your knees! If you have bad knees I wouldn't recommend it!

about 2 years ago

about 2 years ago

Your going to regret this all the way up but the view at the top is amazing

about 2 years ago

almost 3 years ago

Jello legs.

almost 3 years ago

almost 3 years ago

The sunrise is amazing from up here.

almost 3 years ago

over 3 years ago

Loved this!! Water and pacing myself helped : ) The view is incredible and worth every step!!

over 3 years ago

almost 4 years ago

After about 5 minutes on the "stairs" you may be regretting your decision, but trust me, it gets better (once your'e at the top)! The trek has no shade or cover, so it's best to get on it early or late in the day.

almost 4 years ago

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Running, Hiking, Fitness

Skill Level:



Year Round

Trail Type:



1.5 Miles

Elev. Gain:

1000 Feet




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