Bodysurfing at Sandy Beach

Hawaii Sandy Beach

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One of the best bodysurfing beaches in the world. A short drive from Waikiki but a world apart. The beach is a great spot to people watch, hang with your family and friends, and enjoy the Aloha spirit. Great spot to see the sunrise.

If you’re looking to get away from the over-crowded beaches in Waikiki or you’re looking for a consistent bodysurfing spot with waves year-round, look no further. Sandy Beach is on the east side of the island and is exposed to wind swell most of the year. If you’re not a strong swimmer, we strongly suggest you hang out on the beach as the shore break is pretty powerful. Sandy’s has the highest rate of injuries out of any beach on the island. With that said, it can be really fun if you know what you’re doing out there. If you’re going looking to hang out on one of the island’s most pristine beaches, then this is the perfect spot. The fine sand, great people watching, and acrobatics in the water make this is a great place to hang out on the beach for the day. There's also a few people on the beach working on their warrior pose, feel to join in. Keep in mind that there is not any shade on the beach, so bring your sunscreen and umbrella if you need it. You can also bring your dog to this beach, but keep it on leash and below the high-tide line on the sand.

Pack List

  • Beach gear
  • Body surfing fins
  • Water
  • Sun block
  • Snacks
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How to Get There

19 days ago

Safer beaches just down the road

If you are not experienced with the waves at sandy's, please don't go out. You'll hear the lifeguards on bullhorns every hour telling people not to go out and much safer beaches, like bellows are just a short drive away. Even experienced body surfers get injured here. Lifeguards and locals will end up having to rescue someone who didn't listen or thought they could handle but ended up getting sucked out. It just isn't worth it considering the amount of beautiful beaches all over Oahu.

19 days ago

over 1 year ago

Experienced swimmers only

My brother-in-law had his wedding ring sucked right off his finger by a wave at Sandy Beach. This place, while amazing, is no joke.

over 1 year ago

over 2 years ago

Those inexperienced with being in the ocean should watch the action from the beach. The waves are strong and it is very easy to get yourself into a bad situation.

over 2 years ago

over 2 years ago

I rode these waves when I was 15. It really was an epic experience! I can hardly believe my mom let me do it, since the waves were pretty rough. I was slammed into the bottom more than once (but loved it!) and I was literally picking sand out of my hair for several days (after several showers).

over 2 years ago

almost 3 years ago

Be careful, they call it breakneck beach for a reason. But it's an awesome spot for experienced bodysurfers. If the waves are too crazy, Makapuu is a good option.

almost 3 years ago

almost 3 years ago

Don't go in da water unless you like die.

almost 3 years ago

about 4 years ago

The beach is beautiful and the waves are really fun. If you're not a great swimmer, it can be pretty dangerous, especially on big days. If you're unsure about your comfort level, play it safe, and enjoy the scenery while hanging out on the beach.

about 4 years ago


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