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8 Ways To Celebrate Valentine's Day Outside With Your Partner In Crime

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So, what do you have planned this weekend to impress your significant other? Although February 14th is typically filled with flowers, chocolate, teddy bears, and maybe a nice dinner, there’s really no "right" way to celebrate. This year, instead of doing the cliche thing, why not take your Valentine’s Day to a whole new level? Ditch the normal V-Day routine for something a little different, and head outdoors for an experience you and your partner in crime won’t ever forget.

Hike to Bear Church Rock via Bootens Gap | Photo: Christin Healey

1. Watch the sunset.

You don’t need to go on a strenuous hike or long backpacking trip to admire nature’s beauty. This time of year, the days are beginning to get a little longer, and it’s not so painfully cold to be outside (even if it is that cold, you have someone there to warm you up!). After going on a little walk, head somewhere to watch the sun go down. Whether it be on top of a mountain or by the beach, it’s a nice way to just be with you and your soulmate.

2. Go somewhere warm.

Love hiking but can’t bear to hike somewhere that’s too cold? Then surprise your partner with plane tickets (or blindfold him or her in the car), and make your way to somewhere where the weather is just a little more accommodating. Go somewhere new or an old favorite, rock your t-shirts and shorts, and enjoy the warm weather together this Valentine’s Day.

Camp at Lost Dutchman State Park | Photo: Kevin Kaminski

3. Pitch a tent.

Like with sunsets, you don’t have to pitch a tent in the middle of the wilderness to enjoy it. While it would be cool to go on a camping trip for Valentine’s Day, you can always go to your own backyard to pitch a tent. Spend the night cuddling up together in sleeping bags and loads of blankets, celebrating this special day however you like! ;)

4. Visit a romantic hiking destination.

If you guys are good at it, then you have no problem turning any experience into a romantic one. That being said, there’s plenty of romantic destinations around the country where you can visit and let Mother Nature do the work for you.

5. Get fit.

What’s sexier than looking and feeling sexy for your date on Valentine’s Day? Why not spend this year getting into shape together on an outdoor fitness holiday, an intense mountain biking trip, or just going on a run together outdoors? Buy each other flattering fitness outfits and strut your stuff for each other as the endorphins heat things up.

Hiking and Stargazing at SP Crater | Photo: Moe Lauchert

6. Drive out to the middle of nowhere.

Instead of making a detailed itinerary for your Valentine’s Day celebration with your partner in crime, why not go with no plan at all? Seriously, just hop in the car, put on a mixtape of your favorite tunes, and drive until you hit nothing. Lay out a blanket, crack a bottle of wine, and take in the views surrounding you. Spend time enjoying each other’s company, with only the sounds of nature to distract you from your conversation.

7. Try an outdoor activity.

The winter/early spring is a good time to try some unique outdoor activities. If you’re hesitant, then surely having your best friend by your side will give you ll the encouragement you need. Not sure what to do? How about skiing or snowshoeing for the first time? Why not hit a beautiful trail you’ve never visited before, or admire wildlife in a backcountry destination near you? What about attend a guided adventure or practice nature photography for the first time? Doing something different together outdoors will not only be exciting for each of you, but it will give you a chance to spend some quality time together as you reminisce on why you fell in love in the first place.

Hiking and Stargazing at SP Crater | Photo: Moe Lauchert

8. Go stargazing.

Okay, so maybe it’s just as cliche as going out to a fancy dinner on Valentine’s Day, but honestly, how many couples still take the time to do something like this? No matter where you live, finding a good spot to stargaze shouldn’t be too hard. If you live in the city, it’s a good chance to escape from the chaos for the night and if you already live near the beach or mountains, then take advantage of the peaceful privacy. Want to make it more fun? Go get lost somewhere and navigate your way back using the stars. Or you can just read the stars and see what your horoscope says about you two!

The best part of all these romantic dates? Most of them are free, but you’ll get so much in return; and not just leftovers from the restaurant you ate at. If you’re stuck trying to figure out something a little more special this year, then try one of these outdoor activities and make the most of your Valentine’s Day with your partner in crime.

Cover photo: Kevin Kaminski

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