Hike the Heimgarten/Herzogstand Trail

9.3 miles 4055.1 ft gain  - Out-and-Back Trail

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An amazing hike with splendid views over the Bavarian alps and the lakes (Kochelsee and Walchensee)!

The Heimgarten/Herzogstand trail is a famous one and there's a reason why: a great hike with outstanding views! Its close vicinity to the Kochelsee and Walchensee only make it even more attractive, since you can cool off with a swim in one of the lakes if you're done hiking and enjoying the views at the top. 

To get there, drive towards Walchensee. Drive to the "Herzogstandbahn" (the cable lift to the top of the Herzogstand peak). You can park your car there (there's a fee of €3/car, although, if you start your hike early enough, the park guard won't be there yet, and you can just drive onto the parking lot). The trailhead starts from the parking and is signed with yellow trail signs (H5 trail). The whole trail is signposted very well!

It's a contentious uphill hike (approximately 2h30-2h45) to the Heimgarten peak. It's mostly through forested area, although some views in between are open and are just amazing. The view at the top is even better and is great at all 360°.  When you reach the Heimgarten peak, there's a hut where you can buy food/drinks if you please or you can continue your trail towards the Herzogstand. From Heimgarten, it's another 2h (approximately) to the Herzogstand, with some descending/flat/ascending parts. 

The cable car goes down from the Herzogstand peak and there's also a hut where you can buy food or have a beer. It's more crowded around the Herzogstand (blame the cable lift). You can also just descend from a trail (takes approximately 1h45).

Start your hike early if you want to enjoy the sunrise and if you want to avoid the crowds, it's a popular hike and there's the fact that there's a cable car going up (to the Herzogstand peak). Or start your trail towards the Herzogstand and hike towards the Heimgarten (starting point is the same, just follow the sings towards Herzogstand instead of Heimgarten).

Relax and cool down afterwards with a refreshing swim in the beautiful Walchensee.  

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