Hike along the East Palisades Trail

4.3 Miles Round Trip - 488 ft gain - Loop Trail

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The East Palisades Trail is simply the best hiking trail within Atlanta's perimeter.  This loop trail passes along the picturesque Chattahoochee river and beautifully untouched forest.

The East Palisades trail is one of the only real hiking trails within Atlanta's perimeter.  Although it boasts surprising beauty and great trails, relatively few people in the city are aware this trail even exists.  As part of the Chattahoochee National Recreation Area, this section of forest is very well preserved and boasts some of the best views along the Chattahoochee river.  

Even though this is technically a loop trail, there are many forks in this trail, leaving a lot of opportunities to customize this trail to your desired length.  The longest loop you could possibly take on this trail is about 4.5 miles, and the shortest loop would be a short 2.5 mile hike.  Although there are many ways to do this trail, it is surprisingly easy to navigate with a trail map at just about every intersection. 

Some features you might want to check out on this trail are the ground-level river views between EP16 and EP26, the Bamboo forest near EP26, the birds-eye river outlook EP10, and the cliff-jumping rocks that are actually off-trail, just North-West of EP30.  The EP markers that I mentioned are all very clearly marked on the trail maps at each intersection of trail.  The ground-level river views provide an excellent opportunity to see river fowl, rafters/kayakers, and the angled protruding river rocks up-close and personal. The Bamboo forest section might be the most serene area in the whole city.  Thick Bamboo trees guard the banks of the Chattahoochee river for about 50 yards as their narrow trunks bend back and forth in the wind.  Bring a hammock and just lounge in the thick shade for a perfect mid-hike break!  The river outlook is a bit of a climb to get to, but the view is definitely worth it.  You get to see all of the rafters and kayakers navigating around the hundreds of rocks jutting out of the river.  You are also quickly reminded that you are still in the city, as some buildings rise out of the forest on the horizon.  "Diving Rock" is where many river-goers take their breaks on the west bank of the Chattahoochee and swim their way across the river to jump off of the 25-foot granite cliff into the 15-foot deep river water.  Getting here definitely takes some tricky rock scrambling and is only for the most adventurous.  If you do go and choose to jump, note that although many people (including myself) have jumped safely, a few people have also died in the surprisingly strong current of the river.  Don't let me discourage you from a good adrenaline rush, just be informed, careful, and honest about your swimming abilities.  

The interior of the loop passes through beautiful hemlock and pine forests.  If human history is your thing, there is also a rocky overhang about halfway between EP25 and EP24 where Native Americans called home for thousands of years.  There is also a small beach area by EP1 where many dog owners let their dogs run freely and play in the shallows of the river.    

Come and check out this incredible natural escape from city life in Atlanta. Bring your dog, kids, and friends and see just how nice a walk through the woods beside the Chattahoochee river can be.


Dog Friendly
Easy Parking
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Cliff Jumping


4.3 Miles
488 ft elevation gain
Loop Trail

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Cliff Jump

“Jumping Rock” is located at the East Palisades on the Chat River. Definitely worth checking out. It’s a good ways past EP30 but keep hiking and you’ll find it. It’s a safe jump one from 30 feet and the other from 25 feet.

Great Local Trail System

East Palisades is a great local trail system - it's easy to quickly get away from it all & into the woods in a space that's big enough to actually feel like you're not in the city. In the winter (when the trees are bare) there can be a decent amount of traffic noise from nearby 285, but it's not too bad. There's a lot of diversity of terrain & scenery too - hills, flats, rivers, creeks, rock walls, & even a section of bamboo forest. When you need to take an hour or two for yourself in nature, head to East Palisades!

Super Awesome

One of the nicest hikes I have ever had. Very thankful I ran across the area. Just for your info, you will find he bamboo forest at ep 26 I believe. It was either that one or ep 18. But none the less, it was perfect!!!