Hike through Big Trees Forest Preserve

2 Miles Round Trip - 120 ft gain - Out-and-Back Trail

Big Trees Forest, GA - Search Nearby - Added by Kandis Owens

This charming forest sanctuary located a mere 20 miles outside of Atlanta offers a glimpse of nature’s bounty with easy walking trails and accessibility, making it the perfect daytime retreat.

Big Trees is truly a backyard beauty. The entrance connector brings you through to the beginning of the trails. If you are low on time, try out the Big Trees Loop (1/2 mile) which appears slightly before the major Backcountry trail system. Without going too deep into the preserve, you can still enjoy a peaceful getaway under the towering canopies of dogwoods and oak trees alike.

If you choose to continue to the Backcountry Trail System, you will complete a total of 3 trails:

(1) Spring Hollow Trail(2) Jackson Overlook Trail(3) Backcountry Trail

At a whopping 3/4 mile, the backcountry trail is by far the longest path in the forest; however, what it lacks in distance it makes up for in beauty. Enchanting springs, berry patches, and wild azaleas are just a few of the scenic attractions to enjoy. The trail is moderately hilly with a gradual gain of about 120 feet to cap at 1,040 feet elevation. The other two trails are equally appealing and offer handicap accessibility with their low and steady elevation.

Skip happy hour and go take a walk at Big Trees. You will leave feeling refreshed and ready for the rest of your day.


Dog Friendly
Easy Parking
Family Friendly
Handicap Accessible


2 Miles
120 ft elevation gain
Out-and-Back Trail

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Great place you might have driven past a million times

Thanks to this app I made my way over to this preserve today after driving past it to go to Morgan Falls dog park. This has a great ring design , smaller inner rig that stays with the stream. Dog friendly-friendly people-great place to spend on a nice day!

Nice Local Hike

Good marked trails, easy up & downs. Great areas of water.