Hike to Kallur Lighthouse

3 Miles Round Trip - 500 ft gain - Out-and-Back Trail

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Viewpoints from the remote Kallur lighthouse offer an iconic National Geographic-worthy view and impossibly green mountains, sheer vertical cliffs, crashing surf, and sweeping ocean and island vistas. The lighthouse is located on the Faroese island of Kalsoy, a finger of land sticking up towards the Arctic, and the hike itself is an easy

Getting to the trailhead:

The island of Kalsoy has a population of less than 200, and offers few amenities. It’s unlikely you’ll stay on the island, and a much more reasonable base of operations is the town of Klaksvik on the island of Borðoy. We camped the night before doing the hike at the campsite just outside of town -- not a bad option with decent hostel-like amenities, though way overpriced (welcome to the Faroes).

The trailhead is in the town of Trollanes, at the tip of the island. The town is approximately 10 miles from where the ferry docks, so you will need transportation on Kalsoy.

If you have a car: We took the first ferry in the morning, sharing it with a milk tanker and a garbage truck. We highly recommend a similar strategy, as beating the crowds is strictly better than not beating the crowds.

If you don’t have a car: there is a public bus that runs the length of the island. Check with the local tourist office to make sure you have the latest seasonal time table. Don’t take the earliest ferry if the buses don’t run until later!

The hike

Park in the center of the little village. From here, it’s short couple hundred feet walk to the end of the road and the “trailhead.” When the road ends, there’s a dirt path that leads up to a red gate. Go through it (close it behind you!) and follow the sheep trail that continues up and around the hill.

Don’t climb up and over the hill! Instead stick to the shoulder of the hill as the trail wraps it’s way around. Note that the sheep that roam this area have treaded out more than a few trails you can stick with whichever one is the least muddy and most walkable. If you find yourself going straight up you're on the wrong sheep trail!

The views back towards the town and northeast across the Atlantic towards the other islands is quite stunning. Make sure to appreciate it as you go. The crumbling rock sheep shelters make a good foreground for your photos.

After less than a mile, you should be able to see the lighthouse in the distance. Continue across the bowl that stretches out in front of you towards the lighthouse, stepping over sheep dung as required.

The lighthouse itself isn’t overly impressive, but it does provide some shelter from the wind. Rest here, and then head further out on the spine of land beyond the lighthouse. The view back from this point is the iconic view of the lighthouse, green mountain, and cliffs. Be careful – you’ll be very exposed here!

When satisfied, retrace your steps the way you came. Take your time – the views on the way back are extraordinary.


Easy Parking


3 Miles
500 ft elevation gain
Out-and-Back Trail

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