Hike to Fossa Waterfall

1.5 miles 250 ft gain  - Out-and-Back Trail

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This hike up to the second level of the Fossa waterfall on the Faroe Islands offers series bang-for-the-buck, with a less than 1.5 mile round trip that provides epic ocean views, wildflowers, and a chance to get up close and behind this awesome double-tiered waterfall.

A great part about this hike is that it’s incredibly accessible, as the trailhead is literally on the coastal road. Some people will probably just poke their way up towards the bottom tier of the falls, take a picture or two, and then head back to their cars.

The secret is to make an almost immediate hard-right turn up the trail that leads parallel to the road. This will give you a chance to ditch the Faroese-sized crowds (probably a small number of folks, if any) and get up to the second tier of the waterfall.

Continue for about a quarter of a mile on the sheep trail in front of you. A slot in the ledge to your left should open up, and the trail will turn towards. The trail becomes a bit of a scramble at this point, but zig-zag your way up a hundred feet or so to the next ledge. 

From here, it’s an easy jaunt back the way you came, again parallel to the road, and towards the waterfall. By now you’ve gained a bit of elevation, and you’ll have a great view across of the island of x, with the circular pens of the firm farms in the ocean making for a unique sight.

Follow the trail for a quarter mile or so. When we were there in September, this stretch of the trail was very green and had a bunch of purple and yellow wildflowers. Very pretty.

Shortly, you’ll round the corner and be able to see both tiers of the waterfall again. Snap a few photos, and then continue up to the right of the waterfall. Be careful, as you’ll trade the dirt trail for wet rocks that offer less tread. You’ll quickly see you can slide behind the waterfall from the right hand side. The view through the falls and of the ocean and island beyond is quite remarkable!

Hang for as long as you can stay dry, and then prepare to head back to the car. Be careful on the way down – as with many hikes the way down is when you’re most likely to injure yourself 

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28 days ago

A Great Hike

The Faroe Islands might not be known for its waterfalls but this is a great little hike. We did it in 2017 and the path was a little hard to find in places, but it was well worth it. I'd definitely recommend wearing good, sturdy boots as the trail at the bottom of the falls can get quite slippy with the spray. from the waterfall

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