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Hike along Lake Leitisvatn

Lake Leitisvatn Trailhead, Faroe Islands

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Added by Mike Fennell

Take a pleasant stroll along the Faroe Islands largest lake, then end up at the coastal cliffs and look back to see a lake hanging over the ocean!

Leitisvatn is the largest lake in the Faroe Islands, and is famous for having the appearance that it's hanging over the ocean. It is a simple hike that should take no more than an hour to get from the trailhead to the iconic view from up on the far cliff. 

The trailhead starts near the town of Midvagur on the island of Vagar. Heading west, at the end of the town, turn left on the first street just after the church. Continue straight for about 250 meters, then turn right and continue straight until you find the gate to the field where the trail begins. 

The trail will take you southwest towards the lake, then gradually turn south and run parallel to the lakeshore from a couple hundred meters above. The trail is very easy to follow and is not difficult in the least bit. After about 1.5km the trail will fade away into open grass walking once you reach the cliffs. Make your way to the highest point of the cliffs in between the lake and the ocean, and you'll come across some pretty epic views. Be extremely careful of the ledge... you'll see that it's a good 300ft drop straight down into the rocky waters. The grass can is usually slippery because of the moist Faroe weather. 

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Picnic Area

Hike along Lake Leitisvatn Reviews

I LOVED this hike but a little disappointed to find it now costs 200DKK per person (since April 2019) to hike this trail.

It’s so gorgeous. There is now a donation box for trial maintenance, so donate if you can. The views are incredible.

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