Explore Vágseiði, South Island of Faroe Islands

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View the one of the many beautiful landscapes that Faroe Islands has to offer, located on the west coast of Suðuroy west of village Vágur.

Every corner of Faroe Islands will continue to surprise you in the most delightful way. Making the journy to Suðuroy, South Island, is no exception. 

Vágseiði is an area in Vágur, Faroe Islands, located on the west coast of Suðuroy west of the village Vágur, from it takes its name. Distance between the east and the west coast of Vágur is only 1 kilometer. Vágur will provide you with panoramic mountain views, harbor exploration and the chance to photograph as many beautiful nature shoots as your heart desires. 

There is a lake between the village and Vágseiði, the lake is called Vatnið, wich is the Faroese word for Lake. The football stadium of FC Suðuroy and the sports hall Vágsholl are located on Vágseiði, 100-200 meters from the cliffs. There is a small boat harbor on Vágseiði, no pier or anything like that, just a natural harbor called Kleivin. It is not in a daily use anymore, but in the 19th and early 20th century it was a busy harbor for fishing boats. The sea is often rough there and the waves often break against the cliffs, so be careful. 

Near Vágseiði you can take a hike or a drive to Eggjarnar which is known for its scenic view point to the sea cliffs of the southern part of Suðuroy all the way to Beinisvorð in the south and to Vágseiði and Gjógvaraáfjall in the north. Gjógvaraáfjall is a 345 meter high mountain in the village Vágur. The mountain is located north of Vágseiði in the western part of the village. Some of the houses in Vágur are located on Gjógvaraáfjall. On Eggjarnar you can find two concrete bunkers which were British observation points during World War II. 

Camping: If you're planning to stay the night the campground is located at Vágseiði, which is just a one kilometer outside of the tiny village of Vágur. You´ll see a turn off with parking lot.

An important characteristic about Faroe Islanders is their openness towards visiting tourists. Faroe Islanders are proud of their country and culture, and are eager to show visitors the best of what the Faroe Islands have to offer. So don’t hesitate to make contact with Faroe Islanders – you never know, it might end up as the best part of your trip. 

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