Hike and Camp at Garibaldi Lake

Garibaldi Lake is a huge basin of beautiful turquoise water measuring almost 10 square kilometers (2460 acres), and located at nearly 5000ft above sea level.

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Hike Panorama Ridge

It's pretty much impossible to declare one place around Whistler BC 'the best scenic hike' but this one has got to be in the top five! If you want to get a look at some of the most spectacular and un.

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Hike to Joffre Lakes

Joffre Lakes is a well loved destination, and for good reason: it is absolutely stunning.

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Hiking to Wedgemount Lake

Just a little ways past Whistler BC Canada, you'll find a steep mountain trail leading to one of the true gems of Garibaldi Provincial Park and the Sea to Sky area: Wedgemount Lake.

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Hike the Cheakamus Lake Trail

Cheakamus Lake is tucked in behind Whistler Mountain. If you've hike the Musical Bumps trail, or any of the paths off the peak of Whistler, chances are you saw a huge turquoise lake below you.

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Hike to the Black Tusk Lookout Point

The Black Tusk is a distinctive landmark just south of Whistler (the remnants of an old volcano). There is nothing else like it, and it is visible from all over the Sea to Sky area.

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Hike the Musical Bumps Trail

The Musical Bumps are a series of rolling summits starting from Whistler Mountain that stretch over to Fissile and the Spearhead Range.

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Visit the Ancient Cedars

The Sea to Sky area is covered in old growth forest, but few people would expect to find trees of this size in Whistler.

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Hike to Mt Rohr

The Duffy Lake Road area is a scrambling paradise. If you love exploring the alpine off trail, this would be the place. Mt Rohr is a prominent peak, located just above Duffy Lake.

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Paddle on Whistler's Green Lake

The name Green Lake says it all: this is a beautiful glacier-fed lake right next to Whistler village.

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Camp at Cal-Cheak

Where the beautiful Callaghan and Cheakamus Rivers converge, there is a great campsite aptly named after these two turquoise rivers.

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Explore Whistler Mtn in the Off-Season

Whistler Mountain is a world class ski destination in winter and a biking paradise in summer, but if you happen to be here in spring or fall, there's a whole other world of magic to enjoy.

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Hike to Helm Lake

Helm Lake is a sparkly body of water tucked into one of the most scenic alpine meadows around.

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Hike the Mt. Currie Trail

Mt Currie is the giant mountain that sits above the village of Pemberton BC. It soars 7800 vertical feet from the valley floor to the summit in sheer cliffs. (The mountain itself is 8517ft high.

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Backpack to Semaphore Lakes

How does a series of sparkling blue alpine lakes, beautiful mountains, a huge waterfall, glacier and uncrowded camping sound to you? For me, the area around Semaphore Lakes has been one of my favorit.

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Explore Lillooet Lake

Lillooet Lake sits at the bottom of the Duffey Lake Road, just past the village of Mt Currie.

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Explore Garibaldi Park on Snowshoes

Exploring Garibaldi Park by snowshoe is an experience you'll never forget. There is nothing like being in a forest wilderness in the stillness of winter.

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Snowshoe Joffre Lakes

The Canadian west coast mountains around Whistler BC receive over thirty feet of snow each winter.

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Explore the Cheakamus Forest on Snowshoes

Snowshoeing is one of the best ways to experience true solitude in the beautiful snowy mountain landscape.

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Hike the Pilot Bay Trail

Kootenay Lake is one of BC's biggest lakes at 104km long, and between 3-5km wide.

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Paddle Callaghan Lake

The South Coast Mountains are full of high elevation alpine lakes. There are a few of considerable size (Garibaldi Lake, Duffey Lake, Lake Lovely Water, etc) and Callaghan Lake is one of them.

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Mountain Bike the South Chilcotins

The South Chilcotin Mountains are a veritable mountain biking and hiking paradise.

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Camp at Whistler's Riverside Campground

If 'glamping' is more your style, Riverside Campground is the place.

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Paddle Duffey Lake

Duffey Lake sits just under Cayoosh Pass on the Duffey Lake Road (HWY 99), one of the most scenic drives in southwestern BC.

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Hike to Brandywine Meadows

This is one of my favorite places to hike around Whistler. If you love a challenging 4x4 road and are kind of a lazy hiker, taking the upper road to Brandywine Meadows is going to be your best option.

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Cheakamus: Wedgemount FOR ARTICLE

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