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The Best Hiking in Syndicate

Looking for the best hiking in Syndicate? We've got you covered with the top trails, trips, hiking, backpacking, camping and more around Syndicate. The detailed guides, photos, and reviews are all submitted by the Outbound community.

Top hiking spots in and near Syndicate

  • Syndicate, Dominica

    Hike to Syndicate Falls

    1 mi
    The Syndicate Falls hike is a relatively easy 15 minute hike with minimal elevation gain. In order to get there take a taxi 2.5 miles into the rain forest. The trailhead will start near lots of fruits and chickens nearby. You'll hike for a bit and have to pay $5 or $10 EC (Half price for kids 12-...
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  • Syndicate, Dominica

    Hike Morne Diablotins

    2.4 mi / 2847 ft gain
    Morne Diablotins is approximately an hour from Roseau or 20 minutes from Portsmouth. In order to get to the trailhead you can use a taxi or local guides in Dominica. To get to the trailhead you'll turn off of Edward Olivier Leblanc Highway. There will be signs pointing towards Syndicate Falls and...
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  • Portsmouth, Dominica

    Hike to Picard Bridge

    1.6 mi
    Hiking to Picard Bridge is fairly simple and can be done during any season. Starting at Ross School of Medicine in Dominica, take the trail to the left of the St. James building. Ask a local or a student if you are unable to locate the trailhead. The hike begins on a flat dirt road and you'll so...
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  • Dos D' Ane, Dominica

    Hike to Brandy Falls, Dominica

    4 mi
    In order to get to the Brandy Falls Trailhead, take a taxi from Portsmouth. It should be about a 10 minute taxi ride to Brandy Manor. Furthermore, you will want to find a guide and negotiate drop off and pick up at the Trailhead. You will be hiking in the middle of the jungle without any trail fo...
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  • Cabrits Trailhead, Dominica

    Hike to Douglas Bay Battery in Cabrits National Park

    2 mi / 0 ft gain
    From Portsmouth, Cabrits National Park is about a 10 minute drive north. You can get there easily by taxi or you can rent a car if you want to drive there (but know that driving in Dominica is on the left).Cabrits National Park is home to Fort Shirley an old military outpost built by the British ...
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  • Calibishie, Dominica

    Hike Red Rocks

    0.5 mi
    Getting to Red Rocks is fairly easy. It is only a 20 minute drive from the Douglas Charles Airport heading northeast. Once you hit the town of Calibishie look for signs pointing toward Escape Beach Bar and the Pointe Baptise Chocolate Factory. Rather than heading towards those locations keep to t...
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  • Doctor Nicholas Liverpool Highway, Dominica

    Hike to Spanny Falls

    1 mi
    The trailhead to Spanny Falls is right off of Dr. Nicholas Liverpool Highway and is fairly easy to get to by taxi. It is about an hour away from Portsmouth and 40 minutes away from Roseau. After you get dropped off the trailhead is to the left of the store. Getting to Spanny Falls is an easy 10 ...
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  • Fond Cani, Dominica

    Hike to Boiling Lake

    8 mi / 1350 ft gain
    This strenuous eight-mile round-trip hike starts at about 1,600ft near Titou Gorge in the middle of the rainforest. It requires a high level of fitness, endurance, and unless you are familiar with the terrain, a guide (highly recommended). You will do a lot of up and down as you gain altitude and...
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