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Bagaces, Costa Rica

Looking for the best hiking in Bagaces? We've got you covered with the top trails, trips, hiking, backpacking, camping and more around Bagaces. The detailed guides, photos, and reviews are all submitted by the Outbound community.

Top Hiking Spots in and near Bagaces

  • Las Pailas, Rincon de la Vieja, Costa Rica

    Hike the Las Pailas Trail

    Rincón de la Vieja offers an immense variety of scenery and wildlife. The trail, Las Pailas, twists around the base of the volcano through jungle, geysers and low-dry foothills. The cinder cone volcano, Rincón de la Vieja (6217 ft/1895 m), is the main attraction.From the ranger station, the tra...
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  • 10.7736043778081,-85.3498542308808, Costa Rica

    Catarata La Congreja

    5.97 mi
    Seizing the opportunity to walk through Costa Rica's dry tropical forest eco system is well worth any effort getting to the park. You'll be greeted with little yellow butterflies, and have plenty of chances to spot various birds, bugs, reptiles, and mammals. Word of the wise, the trail seems pret...
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  • Rio Celeste , Costa Rica

    Hike the Rio Celeste in Costa Rica

    3.7 mi
    A long drive and a muddy trail may not sound appealing at first, but the first glimpse of this brilliant turquoise river makes it all worth it. From the town of Bijagua, take the unpaved road with signs towards Tenorio Volcano National Park and Rio Celeste. Eventually you'll come to a parking lot...
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  • 10.419006,-84.930109, Costa Rica

    Hike through the Jungle to Viento Fresco Waterfalls

    1.2 mi / 500 ft gain
    The drive from Monteverde to La Fortuna/Arenal can be a long one.  Fortunately the waterfalls at Viento Fresco are located halfway between these two popular tourist destinations, giving you the perfect opportunity to stretch your legs and go for a swim. The waterfalls are on private property and ...
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  • Terciopelo Cave Ranger Station, Barra Honda National Park, Costa Rica, Costa Rica

    Climb into the Terciopelo Cave

    2 mi / 100 ft gain
    Riddled with stygian chambers much like the holes in Swiss cheese, Barra Honda is unique among Costa Rica's network of national parks. According to its website, the National Park's crowning glory is its 42 known caverns, less than half of which have been explored by humans. Terciopelo, named afte...
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  • Monteverde, Costa Rica

    El Arbol Hueco (Ficus Tree)

    El Arbol Hueco (Ficus Tree) is the coolest tree i have ever seen a climbed up. Off the road, go up the small 5 ft hill. Follow the fence till you find the opening and trail. Walk down the trail about 5 min and you'll see the tree. It's also on google maps
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  • San Carlos, Costa Rica

    Hike the Mistico Arenal Hanging Bridges

    1.9 mi
    The Mistico Arenal Hanging Bridges Park is just a short 15 minute drive from downtown La Fortuna. Shuttles are available for $18-25 or you can find a tour that includes transportation, admission, and a tour guide (about $60). General admission is $24 for a self guided tour.This easy hike is onl...
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  • San Carlos, Costa Rica

    Hike to La Fortuna Falls

    1 mi / 350 ft gain
    This is a nice 1/2 day trip. La Fortuna falls is popular with tourist and locals, not just for viewing the falls but there is excellent swimming holes just below the fall and you can also swim right in the pool the falls fall into but the approach to that pool is very rocky and wet.  The falls ar...
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  • La Fortuna, Costa Rica

    Take a Sloth Tour Near Arenal Volcano

    2 mi
    A private trail just outside of La Fortuna, Costa Rica has a high concentration of sloths that can often be spotted along the short hike. The land here is very dense with vegetation making it a perfect home for the sloth. Most of the land surrounding this 9 hectares lot has been cleared for farmi...
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  • San Ramon, Costa Rica

    Canyoneering Lost Canyon

    1 mi / 500 ft gain
    The Lost Canyon Canyoneering tour is full day of adventure.  The day starts with a shuttle pickup from your lodging  in the La Fortuna area.  After a ride through the rural community and up to the canyon ops center, your adventure guide will fit you with canyoneering gear and give a brief tutoria...
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