Get lost in the Cuzco Labyrinth

1 Miles Round Trip - 328.1 ft gain - Out-and-Back Trail

Cuzco Labyrinth - Search Nearby - Added by Friederike Kosche

The so-called red section of the Tatacoa desert offers great rock formations and a windy walking path through the hills.

The hike starts across the street from the Observatory, just when you arrive in the Tatacoa desert. Walk up to the little restaurant, just behind it you can spot the stairs that are leading down into the labyrinth. 

There is an official hiking path that guides you through the labyrinth and back up on the street. The path however is not very well marked and it is easy to get lost (thus its name). Getting a guide is recommendable if you want to walk the path in its entirety.

If you go alone, I suggest to get down into the labyrinth and to follow where your instinct leads you. Always keep sight of the restaurant on top of the hill so you know where to get back to.


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1 Miles
328.1 ft elevation gain
Out-and-Back Trail

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