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Outbound Reviewed: Bontrager Quantum MIPS BOA Bike Helmet

A comfortable bike helmet with all the safety features of MIPS and the ease of adjustability from BOA.

By: Chris Engelsman + Save to a List

Bontrager touts their Quantum MIPS BOA bike helmet as a versatile do everything bike helmet with a removable visor. Over the course of the summer, I only used it as a mountain bike helmet and left the visor on to block the setting sun on evening rides, but it's nice to have that option if you choose. 

At $99.99, the Bontrager Quantum MIPS BOA bike helmet isn't the least expensive helmet on the market but is a great value when you consider it comes with MIPS and the BOA fit system. Why do you care if it features MIPS or BOA? Well, let me tell you. 

MIPS is an acronym for Multi-directional Impact Protection System and was developed by scientists and doctors in Sweden. It allows the helmet to provide greater protection if you crash with impacts from an angle that cause the helmet to rotate. 

Since bike helmets are only safe for one crash, Bontrager provides a free replacement for up to 1-year from your purchase if you crash and need a new helmet. That's pretty cool! 

The BOA Fit System, initially designed for snowboard boots, quickly expanded to all types of closure systems from shoes to helmets to prosthetics. Because of its one-hand ease of adjustment, you can fine-tune the fit to your desired preference. The chin straps have LockDown dividers which allow you to create the perfect fit around your ears and jaw and not have to worry about it again. Just set it and forget it.

Of all the bike helmets I've worn over the years, the Bontrager Quantum MIPS with BOA is the most comfortable I've worn. One downside is sometimes the helmet straps get caught under the plastic guides of the fit system, but you'll feel this right away, and it's easy to adjust.

Testing the Bontrager Quantum MIPS BOA helmet on the Wasatch Crest Trail.

The 14 air vents with internal channeling on the Bontrager Quantum MIPS  helped move air through on hot summer days to keep your head temp cooler for longer. The moisture-wicking helmet pads, which are removable and washable, helped minimize sweat dripping on your glasses when you are grinding up a long climb. 

Some people claim the Bontrager Quantum is a bit heavy at 365 grams, but I didn't notice the extra grams when ripping around the trails. I'd rather sacrifice a couple of grams for a comfortable helmet. 

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