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    Looking for the best hiking in Quebec? We've got you covered with the top trails, trips, hiking, backpacking, camping and more around Quebec. The detailed guides, photos, and reviews are all submitted by the Outbound community.

    Top Hiking Spots in and near Quebec

    • Montréal, Québec

      Hike Mont Royal

      4 mi / 764 ft gain
      Starting at McGill University's campus, you will hike uphill, stopping at multiple lookouts along the way. There are multiple ways you can hike up to the top of the mountain: paved road, stairs or dirt foot paths. Biking up the paved roadway is also possible. Three quarters of the way up is a bea...
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    • Notre-Dame-des-Monts, Québec

      Hike L'Accropole-Des-Draveurs

      6.5 mi / 2624.7 ft gain
      L'Accropole-Des-Draveurs is the most popular trail at Hautes-Gorges-de-la-Rivière-Malbaie national park. Since there's no parking near the trails, you'll have to leave your car in the parking lot at the visitors center. Wait for the next bus that takes visitors to the various trails within the pa...
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    • Luskville, Québec

      Hike the Luskville Falls Fire Tower Loop

      3.1 mi / 1100 ft gain
      The first part of the hike is a bit of a workout, traversing the Eardley Escarpment, but it levels off a bit at the edge of the escarpment with a gentle upward slope to the fire tower. The total elevation gain is about 1100ft.Dogs are not allowed on this trail, but you can find other trails in th...
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    • Lac-Supérieur, Québec

      Hike Le Centenaire in Parc National du Mont-Tremblant

      6.5 mi / 1075 ft gain
      What a beautiful hike through the Parc National du Mont-Tremblant wilderness. The trail was created in 1995 to celebrate parks 100th  anniversary. There are multiple viewpoints, minor rock scrambling, and some very cool moss covered walls. The parking area and trailhead are very easy to find off ...
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    • Coaticook, Québec

      Hike the Parc de la Gorge de Coaticook Yellow Trail

      2.18 mi / 164 ft gain
      Hiking trails at Parc de la Gorge de Coaticook are spread into 3 sectors to reveal the park’s attractions.For a day trip I will suggest doing the yellow trail, which is the one we did. It will bring you directly into the heart of the Gorge. It is quite a short hike, 1h30-2h00 and you'll get the c...
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    • Saint-Roch-de-Mékinac, Québec

      Hike Les Cascades and Les Falaises Trails, Parc National du la Mauricie

      4 mi / 100 ft gain
      Start at the shewenwgan picnic area and cross the grass to come to the bridge that takes you to the hiking trails. Once there start up the right branch of the cascades trail. Now at this point you can continue up the trail or you can walk on the large rocks that make up the cascades. At the top o...
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    • Stoneham-et-Tewkesbury, Québec

      Hike the Les Coulées Trail at Parc Nat'l de la Jacques-Cartier

      6.5 mi / 820.2 ft gain
      After entering the National Park you will have to continue to drive 10km to the starting point in the middle of a little canyon. There you can find restrooms, an information center and an area to relax. This is where the Les Coulées and other trails start and end.  The hike is 10.5km (incl. viewp...
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    • 110-184 Chemin Delaney, Québec

      Photograph the Stranded Barge in Les Îles-de-la-Madeleine

      0.6 mi / 0 ft gain
      In order to get near the barge, you can park at the end of Chemin Delaney in l'Étang-du-Nord. From the public road, you will have direct access to the beach. Hike directly onto the ice to reach the barge, about 1 km from your car.  The humungous piece of rusted metal is a dry dock. Its purpose wa...
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    • Les Îles-de-la-Madeleine, Quebec

      Hike to the top of the Big Hill in Les Îles-de-la-Madeleine

      3.7 mi / 570.9 ft gain
      Entry Island (l’Île d'Entrée) is one of the 9 islands of Les Îles-de-la-Madeleine. It's only 3 km-wide and is the only inhabited island with no road access with the rest of the archipelago. The only ways to reach the small community would be by boat or by plane. It's the home of fewer than 100 pe...
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    • Coaticook, Quebec

      Mount Pinacle

      1.5 mi
       We came from Parc de la Gorge on Ch de Baldwin-Barnston road, which leads you to the Parc Harold F Baldwin area. Turn left onto Ch May and park your car in the parking area that is next to a small shop/cafe. There are signs at this point. Walk up the hill a bit until you reach the blue Mt. Pinac...
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    • Cap-au-Renard, Québec

      Hike Tour du Mont Albert

      10.8 mi / 2854.3 ft gain
      Note: This hike is open from June 10th September 30th. Note: There is a good chance there will be snow at the top of the mountain, or that it will be snowing. Start by parking at the discovery center. Once parked, head towards the discovery center, past it and across the road. Here you will find ...
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    • 164 Chemin Coulombe, Québec

      Ski on a frozen lagoon in Les Îles-de-la-Madeleine

      5 mi
      There are several groomed cross-country ski trails on Les Îles-de-la-Madeleine, but with the wind and the mild winter temperatures, the trails are not always great. Les Îles however offers many other options if you are willing to go off track.  The Havre-aux-Basque bay is a multifunctional year-r...
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