Photograph the Stranded Barge in Les Îles-de-la-Madeleine

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La gabare (the barge) in l'Étang-du-Nord is a well-known site in les Îles-de-la-Madeleine. When the sea freezes in February, it gives you a great opportunity to get closer and sneak a peek at the rusted metal barge.

In order to get near the barge, you can park at the end of Chemin Delaney in l'Étang-du-Nord. From the public road, you will have direct access to the beach. Hike directly onto the ice to reach the barge, about 1 km from your car. 

The humungous piece of rusted metal is a dry dock. Its purpose was to repair boats at sea; it could submerge and immerge from the sea by pumping salt water in and out of its bilge. Stranded while navigating from Montreal to Sydney, Nova Scotia, it has been a part of the maritime landscape of les Îles-de-la-Madeleine since 1988. 

The only possible way to reach the barge is from the sea. During the summer, people visit the barge by boat. They take to hiking on the ice once winter rolls around. The island South of the barge is called l'Île aux Goélands (Seagull island). Its distance to the barge is about 500 meters and when the ice is strong enough, you can also make your way to explore the tiny island. 

Always walk on the ice with caution. Be careful not to wander off too far from the coast, and keep in mind that the wind could make the ice drift away, even while you are hiking on it. Bring a ski pole or a long stick to check the ice as you go, and keep an eye out for blue spots, telling you the ice is soft or melting.  

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