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Phimeanakas is in need of restoration but this is an advantage for the time being. You can take a glimpse into how this temple fared through time. 

Phimeanakas is found within the walls of the Royal Palace. Directly north through the palace walls from Baphuon Temple. Phimeanakas is a three tiered temple constructed in the 10th century. The original structure had a tower on top. Legend states that a serpent spirit with 9 heads lived in the tower and would appear disguised as a women. The Khmer King would have to sleep with the woman every night before he could join his wives. If the King missed one night he would die. I wonder who made that condition (the King?)!

There was some restoration project going on at the time I was there (June 2015). It seemed to be minor. A wooden stairway has been constructed for safety to get to the top. It is still very steep so watch your step. You can see vegetation growing on the tiers of the temple.  This gives the temple a unique look however, the removal of this vegetation is essential to the preservation of the stone.

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