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Baphuon Temple is located in the Angkor Thom area of the park. Unlike other temple close to the road, Baphuon has a long re-constructed walk way. Much work has been done to restore this temple. Once your are done exploring Baphuon, look for a trail behind the temple. This will lead to Phimeanakas Temple, which can also be accessed from the road but the trail is more fun. 

Baphuon is situated just northwest of Bayon Temple. It was built in the 11th century and was initially a Hindu temple but by the 15th century it was converted into a Buddhist temple. Baphuon was built upon a sand base. Because of this, it suffered many collapses over the hundreds of years. A major restoration project started in 2005 by French Archeologist . The job was completed in 2011 with a ceremony that included the King of Cambodia and the Prime Minister of France.

What I liked about Baphuon was it's long walkway to the front of the structure.  All the tiers leading to the top are fluted increments.  Also, a portion of a covered hallway was reconstructed at the top.  This, along with the fluted tiers are unlike any other temple in Angkor.

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