Hike to Blaue Lacke (Blue Lake)

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Unobstructed views of the mountain ranges which surround Tirol on the way to a dip in an alpine lake

The trail starts at Bruggeralm, a mountain hut above the town of Jochberg. Note that the hut is usually closed in June because of the low footfall. In July, Tuesdays are rest days. 

The trail starts off as a gravel path. You will pass another mountain hut, Jagerwurzhütte. At approximately 2.3km, there is a fork; both ways lead to the Blaue Lacke in the same amount of time. Taking the right side of the fork, at 2.8km you will arrive at a large meadow with great views of the Venediger mountain range (Venedigergruppe). From here, you will start ascending the ridge. At about 5.1km into the hike, you will arrive at the top of the ridge with unobstructed views of the snow-capped Venediger mountain range to the south and the Loferer Mountains (Loferer Steinberge) to the northeast. At 6.6km, take a right at the yellow signs and head down towards the Blaue Lacke (Blue Lake), which is about 400m away. You can swim in the lake, but the water is very cold! It was about 12°C when we were there in early June. Leaving the lake, head back up the path to the yellow signs, and skirt the eastern side of the Kleine Rettenstein. The downhill path through the forest is damp and slippery. At the end of the downhill, you will rejoin the gravel path, which should take you back to the Bruggeralm. 

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