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    Looking for the best photography in Australia? We've got you covered with the top trails, trips, hiking, backpacking, camping and more around Australia. The detailed guides, photos, and reviews are all submitted by the Outbound community.

    Top Photography Spots in and near Australia

    • Port Arthur, Tasmania

      Hike to the Three Capes

      29.8 mi / 1797.9 ft gain
      One of the newer but extremely popular hiking spots located on the southeastern coast of Tasmania is the Three Capes Walk. This 48-kilometer track opened only three years ago but it already attracted numerous adventurous travelers who want to experience the beauty of unspoiled natural wonders. Th...
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    • Boranup, Western Australia

      Relax at Redgate Beach

      The best times to go are either during a big swell so you can admire the waves crashing against the rocks, a bright sunny day so you can admire the red rocks and beautiful turquoise water, or at sunset where you can admire the sun setting over the Indian Ocean. To be honest, it would be hard to f...
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    • Glenisla, Victoria

      Backpack to The Fortress and Mt Thackeray

      17.4 mi / 3937 ft gain
      In the summer, this hike can be extremely dry, so make sure to bring lots of water. There are some creeks that offer water, but they can be mere trickles at certain times of year (as we found out!). The first day of the hike is 6km. To start, head to the south section of the car park and follow t...
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    • Bell, New South Wales

      Thor's Head, Asgard Swamp.

      4 mi / 1000.7 ft gain
      This track starts with a dirt road turn off of the Great Western Highway onto Victoria Falls Road, note: you will need a four wheel drive or capable car, nothing small. There is a beautiful lookout at the end of this road, but you want to pull over at the sign that says "Thor's Head, Asgard Swamp...
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    • Tannum Sands, Queensland

      Hike the Wild Cattle Walk

      2.9 mi / 3.3 ft gain
      This hike is super easy, practically no elevation gain.  Drive to the end of Wild Cattle Creek Rd in Tannum Sands. At the end of the road there will be a large turn around and you will also find a boat ramp and the trail head to the right clearly marked. Also, make sure you do not use the boat tr...
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    • Flinders Chase, South Australia

      Hike around Cape du Couedic on Kangaroo Island

      2.5 mi
      These walks allow you to see some of the most spectacular and famous portions of Flinders Chase National Park. The park is well-marked and informative of the different areas, making it very interesting to visit. Make sure to start at the visitors centre, which is on your way into the park, in ord...
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    • Katoomba, New South Wales

      Hiking Narrow Neck Plateau

      12.4 mi
      Where to start hiking Narrow Neck Plateau Narrow Neck Plateau is at Katoomba in the Blue Mountains. If you're driving, you'll head along Glenraphael Drive and park at the locked gate to begin your walk — from here, your walk will be about 20km return. If you're coming via train, you can make Kat...
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    • Monga, New South Wales

      Hike the Corn Trail in Monga NP

      9.3 mi
      I highly recommended you walk the trail from top to bottom, arranging to leave your vehicle or to be picked up from the bottom carpark on No Name Mountain Rd. (Its a killer walk the other way!) Allow a minimum of 5 - 6hrs depending on your fitness. There are 2 starting points for the Corn Trail, ...
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    • Port Macquarie, New South Wales

      Hike Port Macquarie's Rugged Coastline

      2.5 mi / 129 ft gain
      Situated 550km from Brisbane and 385km from Sydney, Port Macquarie is a great spot to spend the night or a few days, and explore the New South Wales Mid North Coast. This stunning coastal hike can take you from Port Macquarie's Lighthouse Beach all the way into the centre of town, but for those n...
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    • Kakadu, Northern Territory

      Hike to the Ubirr Rock Art Sites

      1.2 mi
      Kakadu National Park is one of my favourite places in Australia. Located several hundred kilometers east of Darwin in the Northern Territory, the park is 20,000 square kms of beautifully preserved wildlife and history. This part of the park is only open during the dry season, as large portions of...
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    • Coffin Bay, South Australia

      Hike the Yangie Bay Trail in Coffin Bay National Park

      2 mi
      This hike is short, but there are tons of opportunities to take in beautiful views of the bay and we saw tons of kangaroos! It was close to dusk, so this is a time when they're typically quite active.The car park is past the campsite towards the bay itself. On the drive in, please note there are ...
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    • Lenah Valley, Tasmania

      Lenah Valley Circuit

      4.3 mi / 2296.6 ft gain
      Easily accessible by car, the Lenah Valley Road carpark located a short 15 minute drive from Hobart's CBD is where the trail begins. Once arriving at the carpark, cross the small bridge and continue on the clearly defined track along the Main Fire Trail. Soon after a short climb you will come to ...
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    • Cradle Mountain, Tasmania

      Hike the iconic Overland Track

      49.7 mi / 4773.6 ft gain
      The Overland Track is a multi-day bushwalk located within the Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park that spans 80km from the Northern Trailhead at Ronny Creek to the Southern Trailhead at Cynthia Bay, located on the edge of Lake St Clair - Australia's deepest freshwater lake. Along the way ...
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    • Gladstone Regional, Queensland

      Lady Elliot Island Eco Resort

      Lady Elliot Island is a coral cay found at the southernmost point of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.  Sitting in the protected Green Zone, the island is known for its pristine coral reef, diverse marine life, and incredible snorkeling and diving.  Lady Elliot also has the highest seabird diversit...
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    • Hugh, Northern Territory

      Hike through Standley Chasm - Angkerle Atwatye

      2 mi
      This spectacular chasm is a "must see" if you're staying in the Alice Springs region.  Standley Chasm (Angkerle Atwatye) is a private reserve, located within the West MacDonnell Ranges National Park, 50km's from Alice Springs.  Standley Chasm is best known for the phenomenon of the midday sun li...
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    • Kuranda, Queensland

      Ride the Kuranda Scenic Train in Australia

      Experience beautiful waterfalls, lush greenery and explore the village of Kuranda at the end of the trip (so many cute shops and places for delicious food & snacks).  Truly, a unique and beautiful experience. When visiting the village, you can also stop at Tjapukai – the website shared that “...
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