Hike around Cape du Couedic on Kangaroo Island

2.5 miles  - Out-and-Back Trail

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A stunning portion of Flinders Chase National Park where you can see seals sunning themselves, a historic lighthouse, and the famous Remarkable Rocks.

These walks allow you to see some of the most spectacular and famous portions of Flinders Chase National Park. The park is well-marked and informative of the different areas, making it very interesting to visit. Make sure to start at the visitors centre, which is on your way into the park, in order to get permits before your trip.

The first section of the hike is 3km return. The walk takes you from the lighthouse down to Admiral's Arch, with an optional 3km return side trip to Old Weirs Cove and another optional walk to the Remarkable Rocks.

From the car park, head to the lighthouse and take a look around before heading down the track towards Admiral's Arch. The walk is relatively easy, heading downhill through short bushes. Once you get closer to the cliffs, there are several lookouts to the left where you can admire the ocean view. Continue along the path, following the signs to the boardwalk and Admiral's Arch. 

Following the boardwalk, you'll be able to see across the water to North Casuarina, an island off the coast. As you start to descend down to the ocean, look down to see seals sunning themselves. 

Continue along the boardwalk down until you reach Admiral's Arch, a picturesque view of the ocean through a rock-formed arch. The colours are amazing, looking out on the beautiful blue ocean from the dark cave-like arch. Down on the rocks, you can see seals barking or taking a minute to rest before heading back into the waves.

Follow the track back up the way you came. Back at the light station, you have the option to hike to Old Weirs Cove, a 3km return sidetrip (also available by road from the carpark). This walking section will take you along the cliffs to a historic portion of the island where supplies were delivered before the lighthouse was easily accessible by land. You can see the unbelievable hoist track and portions of the machinery that still remain to bring packages up the cliffs while taking in the breathtaking view. 

To see the Remarkable Rocks, you have the option of a one-way 11km hike. If you have several cars, you can park one car here and one at the Remarkable Rocks to walk the point-to-point. As there is also a car park at the end, you can also do what most visitors do and drive to the Remarkable Rocks from the lighthouse. 

The walk is well-marked, starting from the Old Weirs Cove site, heading north until you reach the Cape du Couedic Spur Trail junction. This portion of the walk is a part of the longer, five day Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail. Take the trail right, where you will follow the track north-east until it starts to descend south towards the Remarkable Rocks. Once you reach the Remarkable Rocks Spur Trail junction, follow the track left where the trail meets up with the Remarkable Rocks Walk heading south.

If you decide to drive, follow Cape du Couedic Road north until you reach Boxer Drive, heading east. Boxer Drive will lead you directly to the Remarkable Rocks car park. Head to the south end of the car park, where the walking track starts.

The second portion of the walking track is 1km return, taking you down to the Remarkable Rocks. As you walk down, you get lots of different viewpoints where you can see the rocks.

The Remarkable Rocks are stunning large rock formations and are definitely worth a visit. As well as the rocks themselves, which are surreal, you get stunning views from the point of the ocean. Be cautious, as if it's raining it's very easy to slip into the ocean.

From the rocks, walk back to the way you came to get back to the car park.

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🥈 Contributor

almost 3 years ago

Beautiful and Accessible

Seeing Remarkable Rocks at sunset provided for some awesome lighting and less crowds. This area of the park is absolutely stunning!


🥇Top Contributor

about 4 years ago

A must-do if you're on Kangaroo Island

If you find yourself on Kangaroo Island, Flinders Chase, especially Cape du Couedic, is a must see! Stunning natural beauty and it's amazing to watch the seals!

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