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Are you looking for an beautiful place to explore but stuck in the city of Brisbane, Australia? Perhaps you only have a few days off work, or don't have a vehicle. Why not chill for a few days at Point Lookout on North Stradbroke Island - you can get there via public transportation (or take a vehicle ferry across to the island) and once on the island you can enjoy the beautiful scenery via hiking, surfing, fishing, or just chilling!

All the camping on the island is through one company, Straddie Camping. There is remote beach camping and also campgrounds. Book ahead. There are also holiday homes and a hotel, if that's your thing. The Point Lookout side of the island is the hotspot of activity. The island can be pretty busy during peak season and special events!

There are a few walks you can consider. The Point Lookout North Gorge Walk is an easy 30 minute walk that showcases the amazing beauty of Main Beach, North Gorge, and Frenchmans' Bay. You can climb down to the North Gorge beach at low tide, but be careful as it can be slippery and dangerous. You'll see turtles, rays, dolphins, and whales (May-Oct). You might even see roo's or koalas!

Or you can walk the steps to Frenchman's Bay. Frenchmans' bay is a great rock fishing spot as well as surf spot. It's quieter than Cylinder Beach and Point Lookout. Pack a picnic or bring a sun umbrella and relax here.

You can also barbecue at Point Lookout. There are brand new electric barbecues in the Point Lookout Reserve, as well as water and restrooms. Please clean up after yourselves!

As for photography, pretty much all the beaches are beautiful photo spots. Some other suggestions: climb to the top of Adder Rock and photograph Cylinder Beach or Flinders Beach; from Point Lookout Gorge Walk, photograph the Main Beach at Sunrise; Catch the surfers and paddleboarders on Cylinder Beach.

There are general stores on the island so if you forget something you can probably get it in Dunwich or Point Lookout. However, items are expensive!

Getting there:
If you don't have a car: From Brisbane CBD, take the train to the end of the Cleveland line at Cleveland Station. From here, catch the bus or walk 25 minutes to Stradbroke Ferries. Walk on the Vehicle Ferry for 10$ return. After crossing Moreton Bay (a beautiful ferry ride), you can catch the bus at Dunwich to take you to Point Lookout. Vehicle hire and bicycle hire are available on the island. We also hitched!

Vehicles: You probably want to use 4wd if you plan to drive on the beach. You need a permit. Take the vehicle ferry mentioned above.

Pack List

  • Enough food for your trip (except maybe leave a meal for the amazing Fish and Chips Shop)
  • 10 essentials
  • Swimming trunks
  • Surf/fishing gear
  • Musical instrument or book to enjoy!
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How to Get There

5 months ago

Shiny Ocean

At 1am while enjoying a walk under the stars. We saw the waves shinning, we walked closer and the ocean waves were lightning up as they broke. Turns out there was bioluminescent phitoplancton. Most beautiful thing I have ever seen

5 months ago


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