Hike Lamington National Park's Coomera River Track

Australia Lamington National Park

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Luscious Rainforest. Flowing waterfalls. Walk among the clouds. Rare Wildlife. 17.5km roundtrip hike.

Aim to reach the carpark of the national park just after sunrise as this hike will take you a full day well If you're anything like me and stop to take photos every 30 steps it definitely will!

The walk starts off on clearly visible paths that are well worn from the many people who do the half day walks in this park, once you get past the main junction thats where the real fun begins. The climate changes in a matter of turns, one moment you're in the dense rainforest with what looks like scenes from jurassic park, and around the next turn you're in the open plain lands and the more commonly found bushland of Australia.

The first set of falls you approach are the coomera falls themselves, 3 separate creeks all fall into the one basin which from your viewing platform above is definitely an awe inspiring sight! It is here that the path then narrows even further as the forest seems to close in around you, you find yourself standing on the edge of a gorge with the coomera river below you. The track winds its way along the edge of the gorge hopping and skipping over the smaller creeks as they fall into the river beneath. A truly spectacular place!

After the gorge the track meanders through the hills of lamington national park, crossing creeks around every bend, if you're lucky you might stumble across the endangered blue crayfish as they make their travels through the forest floor and into another creek. After a while you climb your way out of the creeks and into the mountain ranges, at one point even coming to a beautiful scenic lookout which has views of several other parks in the area all the way to the Goldcoast high rises.

This hike is a very rewarding one even though it is 20 kilometers long and at times wading through slippery fast flowing creeks is needed, but in my opinion that just adds to the allure of it!

Pack List

  • Insect repellant
  • Water-lots of water
  • Lunch
  • Hiking boots
  • Photography gear
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This is such a great hike full of highlights. Probably one of my favorite hikes. If it has been raining it can get a little bit muddy, but still worth it for all the waterfalls and beautiful mist that effortlessly floats through the Forrest. A must do if you are a keen hiker.

about 1 year ago
about 1 year ago

This is my favourite track at Lamington National Park. Beautiful views, waterfalls and wildlife galore. We were lucky enough to see the blue crayfish Matty Lamberth mentioned as well as pademelons, lizards (mostly land mullet) and even a python out sunbaking. As it's one of the longer tracks and we went mid week we had it virtually to ourselves. If you only do one walk at Lamington NP, make it this one.

over 1 year ago
over 1 year ago

Matty Lamberth


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