Hike to Fay Canyon Arch

1.6 Miles Round Trip - 492 ft gain - Out-and-Back Trail

Fay Canyon Trail - Search Nearby - Added by Derek Mathewson

This short but scenic hike through Fay Canyon in Sedona will take you to one of the nicest natural arches/bridges Sedona has to offer. The hike up to the arch also offers some cool rock formation cave dwellings.

...The hike through Fay Canyon goes 1.25 miles to Box Canyon and is rated easy to moderate. To see Fay Canyon Arch though is a much shorter hike. From Boynton Pass Rd, park at Fay Canyon parking lot. The parking lot offers restrooms and a few picnic tables to relax at. The start of the trail is directly across the street. Follow the trail for a little over a half a mile until you see a few cairns next to a spur trail that leads you up to the arch off to your right. Be on the lookout because if you're not looking for it, the arch can easily be missed. From a distance it totally blends in with the canyon walls. After you make the 260 feet trek up the rocks and scrubs, you'll then be shortly standing under the huge Fay Canyon Arch. There's only a 12 feet separation between the arch and the rock wall itself. The arch spans over 90 feet across and stands 15 feet above the ground. In my opinion, it reminds me more of a bridge than an arch

Right next to the arch are some ruins. The ruins have a very little Sinaguan connection. The Sinaguan Indians may have built it, but these ruins look fairly new and are probably twentieth century. After you’ve found the arch, you can hike back down and continue on up the trail. This small, hidden canyon supports a diverse community of desert plants and provides good views of the surrounding cliffs. The trail follows an old jeep track which eventually turns into a footpath. It dead ends at a red Supai sandstone cliff where you can see evidence of some ancient Indian dwellings and marvel at the breathtaking scenery that surrounds you. If you do decide to hike the whole Fay Canyon, its only 2.4 miles roundtrip. When you're done, you'll head back the same way you came.

Enjoy and happy trails! 


Easy Parking
Family Friendly
Handicap Accessible


1.6 Miles
492 ft elevation gain
Out-and-Back Trail

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Very Hard To Find

This hike is indeed quite easy! The arch shown here is very, very difficult to find. The instruction are not correct.

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