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Living The Dream: 10 Jobs That Get You Outside

Spend your days outside. That's the dream.

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For the adventurer, it can be rough to be stuck inside all day, sitting behind a desk, and working a nine to five. Perhaps you catch yourself daydreaming about a career that would allow you to spend your time doing what you love: exploring the great outdoors. Luckily, such careers do exist. If you are serious about redirecting your focus and pursuing a job in which you can work outside, then read on.

1. Photographer

5 Things You Should Know About Adventure Photography | Photo: Steve Yocom

Most outdoor enthusiasts love snapping pictures of the beautiful scenery that they see while exploring. If taking pictures is a passion of yours, then maybe you should consider making photography your career. Just be sure to invest in some high quality gear - namely, a GREAT camera and quality lenses. Photography is a competitive field, and basically you have to be really really good to make it.

2. Park Ranger

10 Steps I Took To Land My Dream Job As A National Park Ranger | Photo: Jacob W. Frank

Interested in taking an active role in protecting state and national parks? As a park ranger, you will work to protect these areas and to keep wildlife and plants safe. You’ll also be able to help educate the public about the land and the species that rely on it.

3. Marine Biologist

Kayak with Humpback Whales in Monterey Bay | Photo: Chase Dekker

If your tendency is more towards adventures of the watery nature, then maybe you’d enjoy spending your days exploring the deep blue sea and the fascinating creatures that call it home. Marine Biologists study organisms that live in the ocean, which means you could spend your days beach combing, diving, and swimming with the fishes.

4. Adventure Guide or Instructor

Float the Yampa River through Dinosaur National Monument | Photo: Jacob W. Frank

You love to try new things, take risks, and you have a passion for sharing your hobbies with others. Be a guide! Whether you are a hunting guide, white water rafting guide, or a rock climbing instructor, you will be able to do what you love in the great outdoors, and teach others while you’re at it!

5. Wildland Firefighter

5 Tips For Landing A Job As A Wildland Firefighter | Photo: Gregg Boydston

Wildland firefighters are so important for protecting the land and forests that we love and do so with considerable risk...it’s a dangerous job. If you crave a bit of risk, and have a need for adrenaline, then consider pursuing this honorable career.

6. Archaeologists

Photograph the Sky Stone | Photo: George Bruce Wilson

If you are into history, than archeology might be a great career path for you to look into. Through the recovery of material culture, archaeologists study human history and activity. You’ll get to get dirty, you’ll get to be outside, and you’ll get to explore some pretty cool areas.

7. Wildlife Biologist

12 Adventures With Amazing Wildlife | Photo: Meredith Baird

Study the behavior, habitat, and biology of your favorite critters. Wildlife biologists are responsible for managing wildlife populations and studying animals to learn how to better protect them.

8. Geologist

Hike Coyote Buttes North to the Wave | Photo: Brendon Kahn

Fascinated with the Earth and what makes up it’s very matter? Geology would be a good field for you to explore. Geologists study the solid and liquid matter that the Earth is made of, which means you will be able to spend a lot of time outside studying land and rock formations.

9. Environmentalist

#ProtectTheWild: 5 Tips For Waste Disposal In The Backcountry | Photo: Cole Buckhart

It goes without saying that protecting our planet is of the utmost importance. Environmentalists get that. They advocate for the protection of our air, plants, wildlife, water, and all the natural resources that make Earth the ideal place for human life.

10. Outdoor Writer

Camp by the Spiral Jetty | Photo: Prajit Ravindran

If you’ve got a knack for the written word, why not put your skills to good use and write about what you love. You can write about adventure, nature, environmental issues, and gear. There are many routes that you can pursue, including writing for magazines, online publications, and blogs. You can start today by submitting an article for The Outbound!

Cover photo: Brendon Kahn

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