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Andy MerkelExplorer

Physical Therapist by day, Midwest explorer on the weekends.

Wonderful experience and short hike to an amazing rock formation! Any time of year is great to come here, however go during the week if you want to avoid the crowds!

This was truly an amazing experience. With the 2000 ft walls above you, raging river beneath you, you cannot go wrong!

One of the few places in the state that you can hike through the sand dunes! Great local spot!

You don't need to go into the park to see a great sunset, this is one of the few great spots facing west in the area!

If you want some great hiking on the bay and near the cliffs, this is the one to do. It does not nearly get as much credit!

Do not be fooled. This is a strenuous uphill hike. It seems like it is going to be short based on the mileage but it is uphill at a 30 degree angle the whole way. Once you get 90% there, you think you are done. Then you have to hold onto very thin ropes as you crawl up the dry dirt. Think you are done? Nope. The final ascent is all a scramble once you've reached the summit. The final challenge is the hardest while you're on the top: Bees. Try to swat away as dozens of bees attempt to sting you as you are taking in the views. I'm sure any other time of year would be great, but the dry season of August is not the time to come here! :)

If you have time, go up to the tower at Pike Lake! With westward facing views over the lake, it reflects so brightly as the sun sets! Save some extra time and bring a flashlight to walk back in the dark!

If you are craving to get away from the city while technically still being inside of it, this is the place! Great paths and locations to hide away from the urban structure of Milwaukee!

What a great trail. Took approximately 10 hours total, 9 hours moving at a good pace. This trail has everything! I would suggest like everyone else, start early. Go toward the right (toward Deer Lake) and be rewarded with the best views first, and then continue down counter-clockwise back to the parking lot if you are planning on doing this in one day!

What a great place to go and explore Lake Michigan. These views are uncompromised in the area!

This is probably the best and most thorough hike one can do in Wisconsin. Takes a good 2-3 hours to do the whole thing! Well worth it, but if you don't like crowds, avoid the 12-3pm time to do this. It is best viewed at sunrise/sunset!

If you only have time to do one hike in the smokies, this is your hike. It has everything. Waterfalls, scenic views, large gains in altitude. I am counting down the days until I can do this again!