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I try to spend every free moment skiing, backpacking, fishing or finding an adrenaline rush!



This is a challenging but fun hike. Climbed it this memorial day, and the trail is nearly snow free. Perfect climb to get away from the crowds and still enjoy those amazing mountain views. The queens mine rd is an easy drive with a 4x4 vehicle all the way to the saddle/trailhead. Two wheel drive vehicles should be able to make it to Queens Mine if you take it slow. There aren't any major washouts, pot holes or rock fall on the road. Also some wild mustangs near the road, which was an awesome bonus.

Grabbed this state high point in the middle of winter and it was beautiful. The entire area was covered in snow, so we threw on the snow shoes for a short and very enjoyable hike.



This short little loop is a great stop for the whole family. Young and old can enjoy this easy hike with a really cool photo opportunity. During the weekdays you can get the arch all to yourself, but during the weekend, there is a line of photographers usually waiting for sunset. Totally worth the stop.



This is a great waterfall if you are looking for a short hike for young kids. Beautiful stop to stretch your legs during that long road trip.

Riding the Peak to Peak Gondola is a great midday break from skiing. You get an amazing views and an exhilarating ride while you change mountains. Have the camera ready.

This hike is fairly easy for its elevation. We only saw 6 other people when we hiked on a week day in June. We did run into a little bit of weather and got some late season snow flurries and heavy winds. We also got a rare glimpse at some Bighorn Sheep which was the highlight of the trip. I highly recommend this to anyone planning a trip to New Mexico. Very beautiful hike.

If you stopped in the Cannon Beach area, you probably photographed Haystack Rock from the beach. Before you leave stop in Ecola State Park to get a whole new set of shots from a different vantage point. A lot of the trails are currently closed, but its still worth it.

A Quick and easy stop, that is definitely worth the views if you are headed along the Oregon Coast. It can be pretty crowded on a weekend because of its easy access.

This NP doesn't get the recognition of the bigger parks in California, but it is just as beautiful. It's One of my favorite places to hike. You can also hike up and ski down the peak into mid July. Not the best snow but its better than nothing.

This hike is short and sweet. Its perfect for the any age group and an easy one for the pup to tag along. The view alone is well worth the stop.

This is a great spot to roast some marsh mellows and smell that campfire smell if you cant get out to a campsite for the weekend. Just get there extremely early.



This hike is on the north western side of the park away from all the hustle and bustle of the south side. We camped in the primitive campsites only a mile from the Arch so the hike to the arch was fairly easy. We hiked to the arch once at night but it is pretty difficult to see or get any night shots because of the angle.

The tide pools are a great place for the kids to run, climb and explore this beautiful landscape, but be careful and ready for that rogue wave.

Kayaking the bay is a great way to get a different vantage point of downtown San Diego. It's also a great morning workout as well.

This is the only waterfall that I know of in this area and its actually pretty good. The best time is summer when the waterfall is flowing more and you can stand under it for a relief from the summer heat. The hills in this area are also some of the best places in Mississippi or Louisiana to land a trophy white tail. There are plenty of farms around this area that offer guided hunts. Also if you are visiting Clark Creek in Fall, then check out the Angola State Prison Rodeo held every weekend in October. The prison is just 20 minutes west across the Louisiana State line.

I'll be very blunt with this review. Get ready to see a lot of naked old dudes on blacks beach, once was enough for me, its as simple as that. haha Other than that there is actually some great surfing spots, south more towards the pier.

Mono Lake is extremely easy to access. It is literally a couple hundred yards off of Hwy 395. The Lake is very strange, but it does offer some unique photo opportunities because of how different it is from most alpine lake.

Crater Lake doesn't need a review just go there because it is simply amazing. My one tip is don't expect to drive up the day of and land a campsite. Plan in advance if you want to camp there.

The Eagle Creek Trail is the perfect easy hike for any age. The Punchbowl is great place to get some great waterfall shots and cool off from that summer heat. After your hike check out the Thunder Island Brewery near the Bridge of the Gods in Cascade Locks. The Brewery sits right on the edge of the Columbia River Gorge.

The shipwreck is pretty cool to see old photos, read about the event and then see how mother nature has reclaimed the wreckage today. If you plan on taking some unique shots of the wreck, you can definitely get some, but I recommend going during the middle of the week if you can. If you go during the weekend, it can be difficult to get a shot without someone in it.

Zion is one of the most spectacular National Parks I've ever visited, but that can also make it one of the most crowded. It's pretty much impossible to stay at the Watchman Campground in the Summer, but in Fall/Winter the weather is perfect, the crowds are gone and there are plenty of open campsites. I camped at Watchman last Thanksgiving and it was perfect.

I've done a modified version of this loop twice and I highly recommend this hike/area to any backpacker looking for a great 3-4 day trip. I went last August and the weather was absolutely perfect day and night. If you are a photographer, these lakes, Mountain peaks and sunsets are simply amazing. Bring a fishing pole because you can catch dinner in about 10 minutes out of nearly every lake mentioned. I used a simple cast master spin bait and spin reel, while my buddy used a fly rod and we had similar success. The bears aren't timid here either. I watched as a bear walked off with another fisherman's entire stringer of trout about 10 feet from him. haha



Old Faithful is definitely something you must see at least once in your life, but try to avoid the summer at all costs. You might as well go to Disney World. I understand it's a very popular place because of its beauty, but it seems like people lose their minds and all common courtesy. Don't expect the normal like minded hiker you meet on trail. During the summer, the park is packed with people who don't respect the outdoors. I strongly encourage you to go, but just know what you are in for.



In Summer you can cliff jump into the pool below the falls. Its a great place to cool off from the summer heat.