Hike to the Sipsey Wilderness Waterfalls

1 Miles Round Trip - Out-and-Back Trail

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Called the “land of 1,000 waterfalls,” Sipsey is among the most popular hiking/backpacking areas in Alabama.

The 25,000-acre Sipsey Wilderness is a landscape of canyons, ravines, sandstone cliffs, and, most notably, waterfalls.

While there are many more waterfalls to choose from, three possible options are Kinlock Falls, Fall Creek Falls, and Feather Hawk Falls. Kinlock is accessible by car on Forest Road 210.

You can reach Fall Creek Falls (90 ft tall) via a short hike on Sipsey River Trail. Alternatively, the 75 ft-Feather Hawk Falls is located off of Randolph Trail – a small side trail off of Randolph following a creek will take you to the falls in 0.5 miles.

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1 Miles
Out-and-Back Trail

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i live just outside of the sipsey wilderness so i hike and camp there very often. there are no difficult hikes and every spot is accessible with a relatively short hike. only the official trails are marked in any capacity, but the best spots are off of the main trails. i will be detailing a great many "secret" spots as i can.

Several impressive waterfalls

Waterfalls along the scenic Sipsey River make this canyon area an awesome spot to hike or camp overnight. Fall Creek Falls is one of the most impressive waterfalls, and is a great place to hike to as an out-and-back along Sipsey River trail (209). There are some nice campsites along trail 209 that are first come first serve.

Nice Hiking

Sipsey USA good place for beginners to hike. There are some nice streams and bluffs but nothing spectacular. Personally, I'd rather drive a little further to Cohutta or Pisgah NF.