Kayak from Schauer Park to Cave Point County Park

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Kayak past beautiful, rocky shores to end up at small caves in the County Park on this peaceful out-and-back kayaking route along the Lake Michigan shore in Door County, WI. This adventure is best in the summer and can be done any time of the day.

From the intersection of Schauer Road and N. Cave Point Drive in Jacksonport, WI, take Schauer Road towards the lake. You will see a gravel parking area at the entrace to the park and a small boat launch at the shore. Unpack your kayaks, and then park your car at one side of the gravel lot.

Once in the water, head south (to the right) to begin your route to Cave Point County Park. On the way, there are many interesting geological features along the shoreline. The route to Cave Point is slightly over 1 mile. Once you arrive at Cave Point, you will see wave-worn limestone cliffs and small caves – the latter of which you can kayak into as long as the tide isn't too rough.

If you have time, or if you need a break from kayaking, once you reach Cave Point dock your kayaks in the sand to the north of the caves and get out to hike up to the rest of the park. In the grass behind the cliffs, there are picnic tables, fire rings, and restrooms. Hike around and enjoy all Cave Point has to offer. It's truly one of the most beautiful spots in WI.

When you are done exploring, hop back in your kayak and reverse the route until you return to Schauer Park. I've taken this route many times, and I prefer it in the morning (with slight hazy fog on the lake) or in the evening at golden hour (to enjoy the colors of sunset).


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Great adventure!

Poking around on your own is grand; going on a tour is great for families or those without personal kayaks! Most companies will provide transportation to Schauer Launch, will provide all PFDs, kayaks, and guides. I'd personally recommend Door County Kayak Tours. Whether you go on your own or with a tour, this is not an adventure to pass up!