William Tran

I wouldn't make this a priority if on your first trip to Hawaii, but definitely worth a visit at some point.

Walked it instead of biking. Strenuous if you are not in great shape, but well worth it.

My favorite viewpoint, offering 360 views of the city.

Nice and strong waterfalls. I consider it a must see in South Lake Tahoe. Path up can be very icy and slippery in winter.

Probably the best coastal views. Lots of steps up and down.

Nice easy hike along HWY 1 with views of the ocean on the side. Could get some exercise in and finish in an hour before continuing along the nice drive down.

Stunning in all seasons.

Popular hangout when I was in high school. Know the rules including when and where you can have a bonfire and know that cops will literally pull up to see if you have open bottles.

Very unique setting and an iconic part of ocean beach. Not sure if its still going on, but they used to do free Shakespeare plays here at certain times of the year. Grab a warm coffee at the visitors center and enjoy a nice walk along the ruins.

Cool little castle at the end of the trek down, but a side dish to the main attraction which is the beautiful emerald bay.

Get to see a unique perspective of the Golden Gate Bridge. Note that part of this beach is nude, but usually those that choose to do so are at the very end of the beach and try to isolate themselves from view of families.

Sutro Baths + Lands End offer the views of the bay that tourists imagine. Expect lots of people and usually cloudy/windy/chilly weather.

Short and easy hike up the hill with plenty of parking all around. Good views of various parts of the city. Get to see the Mt Davidson cross up close. Popular place for dogs. During spring time the hill is covered in yellow and orange flowers.

Expect lots of people and no shade.

There are points on the trail where you are between the trees and forget you are in San Francisco. Extra special on a foggy day with the mist flowing through. I would recommend a quick google search before you go as last I heard some parts of the trail were closing.

Lots of steps, can be a little muddy and slippery. More people than there used to be, can get crowded because the beach is small. If going at night, remember to bring a flash light.

Gorgeous on a clear night but wear a sweater and bring a blanket.

Nice hike with wide trails and good views of the bay and san mateo-hayward bridge on one side, and a couple lakes (i think Anza) on the other side. You can park at the Quarry lot and find a post that marks the Seaview trailhead on the same side of the road. There are various path-splits so it can get confusing, but I think most are a loop so distance will depend on where you split. I'd recommend getting to at least the "Upper Big Springs" trailhead if you want to do 4.3+ miles. The trail can get rocky at times, and there are several inclines, but generally beginner-intermediate (depending on what shape you're in) with no major surprises. Good mix of shade and sunshine.