Hike to Spirit Falls

Washington Spirit Falls Trailhead

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Take in this scenic waterfall with turquoise blue water. If you're lucky, you may see kayakers running the falls.

There are no signs or trail head for the falls, but it's a popular spot for kayakers and photographers, so look for a faint boot path directly from the pulloff on Cook Underwood Road and follow it to the river.

The hike is short, but very steep, down a talus slope of loose rock and moss. There are sudden drop offs near the falls, so it is better to leave children and dogs at home. The climb/scramble back up to the road will definitely get your heart pumping.

Pack List

  • Camera
  • Tripod
  • Trekking Poles
  • Good boots for ankle support
  • Water (for the climb back up)
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How to Get There

2 months ago

Helpful parking hint from Heather Wold ....

The area she parked at was approx 10 yards south of mile marker 2 on Cook-Underwood Road. There's a clearing facing south where you can see toward OR. There's a trail headed straight down there. To avoid private property issues and parking hassles. Enjoy and be safe !

2 months ago

6 months ago

*on Private Property* Get Permission First

This location is on Private property. Go speak with the land owners first. They are willing but wish you speak with them first and sign a release form because the loose rocks are dangerous and there are rattle snakes in the rocks. So it is very dangerous to be accessing and they don't want liability.

6 months ago

7 months ago

Waterfalls of Gatorade!

Didn't see of these signs that ppl are talking about in the comments but had a great time! Snow was probably 2 feet deep & followed the path from others before. Crampons + gloves recommended. Be safe when you get down there!

7 months ago

about 1 year ago

Spirit Falls

A portion of this hike has been closed to hikers recently as they have been accessing the falls through private property. If you head a little further up and drop down away from the signs you should be okay. Always use caution and know your limits as a hiker as this is off trail and a very steep slope down to the river.

about 1 year ago

over 1 year ago

*Private Property - No Trespassing

Just made the drive out to these falls, as mentioned above in the reviews Private Property/No Trespassing signs have been placed all around the pull off area. Also, loads of dirt & gravel have been dumped to block vehicle access. Personally I respect all private property boundaries so I won't be recommending this location to anyone. Unless someone can shed light on another access point for these falls??

over 1 year ago

over 1 year ago

Sweet Falls!

This falls was awesome. The trek down and back up is tiring, but totally worth it! Right when I walked up, I saw some kayakers go down the falls, but unfortunately didn't have my camera out yet. This falls is extremely photogenic and I would recommend to anyone up for a good adventure!

over 1 year ago

over 1 year ago

Forever amazing.

I've been to this spot many times and each one is more amazing than the last. It's truly one of the most surreal waterfalls around. I was saddened though as my last attempt to go was blocked by a police officer who was pounding private property and no trespassing signs into the ground by where you park. Not sure if it's a permanent thing, but hoping it won't be.

over 1 year ago

over 1 year ago

Cool Place

Awesom falls and great views. We unfortunately just missed some kayakers going off the falls as we had just started to head back. Will definitely be back in the summer

over 1 year ago

almost 2 years ago

Super accurate description… hardly a soul out there, except those crazy kayakers. Those minty blues look gorgeous all year round.

almost 2 years ago

about 2 years ago

Love this! Definitely would like to check that place out

about 2 years ago

over 2 years ago

Really really sweet photos!

over 2 years ago

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Photography, Hiking

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Year Round

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1.5 Miles

Elev. Gain:

516 Feet




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