Hike to Foss River and Lakes

4.2 Miles Round Trip - 2400 ft gain - Out-and-Back Trail

West Fork Foss Trailhead - Search Nearby - Added by Colton Jacobs

Take your friends from out of town here. This trail has lakes, rivers, waterfalls, glaciers, and a lot of greenery. 

Choose from Trout Lake (1.6 miles each way with 500 feet of elevation gain), Copper Lake (4.2 miles each way with 2400 feet of elevation gain), or Big Heart Lake at 7.3 miles each way, with 3300 feet elevation gain). There are plenty of camp sites if you decide to go overnight at any of the lakes, however it is possible to do the whole trip in one (very long) day. The trail stays fairly level up until you pass Trout Lake, after that it climbs rigorously all the way to Copper Lake. After you reach Copper Lake the trail goes around the lake, climbs up and down another peak and you arrive at Big Heart Lake with vast views of the lake and glaciers above. 


Dog Friendly
Easy Parking
Cliff Jumping
Swimming Hole


4.2 Miles
2400 ft elevation gain
Out-and-Back Trail

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I would be giving this hike 5 stars all day if it wasn’t for those dreaded switch backs. I believe we counted 20+! They are rocky and 90% exposed to the element. This hike was amazing!! We chose to not go to Copper Lake with the crowd and went SW before the trail flattens out and goes above the falls. We will go back to that route on another day! Malachite lake though was stunning! The 220 foot 10% grade of bolder climb felt like death in 90• heat but the lake is picture perfect and I have absolutely no regrets not going to Copper lake!