Backpack from Dorothy Lake Trailhead to Snoqualmie Lake

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Added by Melissa Ferrell

A backpacking trip with amazing views, alpine lakes, and solitude.

The trail was not crowded although when we got to Snoqualmie Lake there were only a couple camping spots left. The trail up from Dorothy is not too hard at all. The weather was perfect. After passing Dorothy you have to ford a creek where the bridge has been washed out. We went through it on foot which we didn't mind because it felt really good. Going up from there was tough but beautiful. You get good shots of Dorothy the whole way up basically. There was one blow down that was super easy to get passed. Once up to the top there was some snow on the sides of the trail.

Bear and Deer Lake are so beautiful! Next time we go up there we will most likely take one of those camping spots. It is really peaceful. Going down to Snoqualmie wasn't too bad and of course that lake is a beauty all its own. Both nights we were there we camped on edge of the lake where the creek comes out.

On Saturday we took a day hike up to Nordrum Lake which was honestly a difficult trek. The trail is not maintained at all basically and there are a few obstacles you have to think about how you are going to cross them. The view from up top was gorgeous and the lake is beautiful and secluded but I don't think I will do that hike again, haha. There are a couple spots wear there are markers as well so you don't lose your way. At the top a good 200 ft of the trail was covered in about 6-12 inches of snow. We both managed to get across just fine.

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