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Unique scenery you won't find many other places. Amazing sunrises and sunsets. Incredible reflection photography shots.

Rarely will you ever see another person at the underrated Stansbury Island, the second largest island within the Great Salt Lake in Utah - even though a dirt causeway connects it to land, it is still considered an island. The lack of crowds make this a very chill place to camp out, shoot photos, and enjoy the sunrise or sunset. Just about an hour drive from Downtown Salt Lake City, you will find Stansbury Island and its many lakes. The lack of crowds also includes a lack of rangers or maintenance so the place is pretty rugged - as always, be careful and stay safe.

There are no official campgrounds at Stansbury Island but you'll see several camper-made fire pits around. The majority of the land is BLM owned, which means camping is allowed virtually anywhere. There are small plots of private property so keep an eye out for signs and be sure to be respectful of these land owners and not camp on their property. During the winter months it gets very chilly and windy here so bring good, warm gear!

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What a let down.

So much is private property, there are no trespassing signs everywhere. Gnats are so awful. Lots of people shooting guns. So if you do that- it’s a great spot for it. The burs are terrible and all over the ground- not great for dog feet. #turdburger

Well . . .

I went last night, my first time there in many years. I spent the night. It hasn't change too much. It's not clear to me if it's a combo of private land and BLM land, or BLM land that's leased. Not sure it matters. A huge section of the island is clearly posted as no camping, or even stopping. Where you can camp is regularly visited by gun enthusiasts out there shooting--frequently. Yes, a cool place, but not exactly the kind of land uses happening that make for a comfortable and relaxing camping experience. Good hiking and mountain biking regardless.

Beautiful location due to the reflections in the water

A lot of reviews talk about how the whole area is private property. I found the best spot to go to is on the southern tip of the island, turn off onto some of the dirt roads at the base of the mountains. You'll see lots of ranges where people go shooting. Be careful. A great access to the tops of the mountains as at Tabbys Canyon (again on the southern end of the Island)

Camping info for Stansbury Island

The info that you can camp almost anywhere on the island is quite the opposite. The best 8 mile stretch of the island is leased by a guy on a four wheeler with guns that runs people off of his property. If you camp in these areas you face a fine of 500 to 4000 dollars. You have to camp either right near the shooting ranges on the southern edge or on the very north end. The island is a beautiful sight to see despite the mining and raping of the land from these people that lease it. I thought when I came here it was blm land for the public but I guess they rent it for money. The people dig holes in the ground taking all the rocks. I tried to go camp on the east side of the mountain and there is a sign there as well saying both sides of the road is private property. It seems everywhere you go there's signs and people telling you that you're not allowed there. I wanted to explore the cliffs but as always it's off limits. How is it the BLM rents our lands out to these people who take the resources and we can't even go there without facing fines and jerk face so called owners. If your looking for the same experience without the drama the area by lone rock may be a better choice. The best place I found to camp was at the very beginning of the mountain just beyond a four way intersection. If you get to the no trespassing sign you've gone too far.

Beautiful Solitude!

Had a great time boondocking and exploring the area. We only saw one other camping group there and had plenty of space to ourselves. Climbed a little peak (~6,000') next to the road for great views of the salt flats and lake. Definitely drive to the end of the island to the viewpoint, where there are pink salt flats! Whoever said this is a "gay nudist swinger" hangout must be a very judgmental and lonely person. We didn't see any nudists 😂 but even if we did I'm sure they would have been nicer than that reviewer. Definitely a great spot for free camping, fun exploring, and lots of solitude 🌄❤️

Looking for some Adventure?

So this place is really incredible but just a word of caution if you are not familiar with the area.... The salt flats are incredible but deceiving. We buried a jeep (rental) up to the frame in the salt and spent the better part of 4 hours digging/ pulling it out with the assistance a friendly couple that luckily were out on the flats. After getting dug out we set up camp... This is where the fun starts... Turns out that Stansbury Island happens to be a meeting place for a large group of Gay Nudist Swingers... Very friendly people but they may be looking for more of an adventure than you are.... I would suggest Spiral Jetty on the North side of the lake as a backup if sinking sand and Nudist swingers ain't your thing.

Awesome Salt Lake Stopover

Got to Stansbury late after a day of driving. Enjoying the quiet with the full moon over the rolling hills was a in once in a lifetime moment of peace!

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