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Delicate Arch

Grand County, Utah

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3.18 miles

Elevation Gain

554 ft

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Added by Andy Best

Bask in amazing views and take amazing shots of one of Utah's most iconic arches. Stay once the sun goes down for an unreal view of the night sky and for the crowds to take off.

I headed out to the trailhead because I really wanted to shoot the super moon with the Delicate Arch. It was absolutely fantastic, especially during such a full moon. Everything was bathed in a soft glow, it was like I was on another planet actually. It was amazing to sit in silence and to try to comprehend the power it took to shape the beautiful landscape.

Something to consider...I didn't really need a headlamp, but due to the cliffs everywhere I'd suggest one. Be ready for some crowds, but if you want the place all to yourself stay past sunset and late into the night. Everyone leaves and it's absolutely wonderful!

After you're done, hit up Moab Brewery in town. Get the beer in the can, it's full strength. :)

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Delicate Arch Reviews

This is an incredibly beautiful hike so everyone is going to be along the trail with you. It is still completely worth it and it was my favorite spot in Arches. Delicate Arch is incredible and there are many options for sunset (and other) photography. The biggest bummer about this hike and photography is that there are so many people there and most of them want their photo in the arch. We stayed clear of that, but it was a bit hard to get great shots without people in the landscape. We still got some though and the hike is incredibly beautiful. We stayed until well after sunset and hiked back down with less people on the trail.

An iconic arch that's well worth a short hike to stand under and marvel at these incredible rock formations!



I went for the first time this past week. Hiked up before the sun set and got to the top just as it set. It was absolutely stunning. And yes, there can be heavy foot traffic. We stayed until about 2-3 AM and the crowds definitely cleared out by the time it got dark. The sky was super clear so we wanted to wait for the moon to set to take a Milky Way shot. About 10 other photographers were out there with us that night. It was pretty awesome sharing the experience with other photographers. And aside from photographing, just being up there and observing the starry sky and silhouettes of awesome landscapes was unreal. This hike is an absolute must, especially on a clear night. Warning: there are plenty of drop offs so make sure you have a headlamp and shoes with good traction. Also, careful with your gear. I accidentally dropped a lens hood into a dark abyss while I was up there that night. I can get a new one but littering is not my thing.



Delicate Arch is an iconic landmark and as such it is incredibly busy during the day. To beat the crowds I would recommend doing this as a night hike or a sunset hike and then staying past dark. There is something truly humbling about seeing Delicate Arch silhouetted in the night sky and having the scene all to yourself.



This was such an amazing experience! Yes, the arch gets crowded. If you go during the day, you'll be hard-pressed to get a picture without at least 10 other people in your shot, but that's no reason not to go. And the benefit of having all those people around is that you don't have to worry about losing the trail! This hike alone puts Arches near the top of my adventure list!

I hiked this about two hours before sunset and watched the sunset from the Delicate Arch - stunning!! The hike was very interesting and really fun on the way back on the dark! Just beware, this trail has LOTS of drop offs and part of the trail is only marked with rock cairns. Just be aware of where you're walking and headed!

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