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Delicate Arch

Grand County, Utah

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3.18 miles

Elevation Gain

554 ft

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Added by Andy Best

Bask in amazing views and take amazing shots of one of Utah's most iconic arches. Stay once the sun goes down for an unreal view of the night sky and for the crowds to take off.

I headed out to the trailhead because I really wanted to shoot the super moon with the Delicate Arch. It was absolutely fantastic, especially during such a full moon. Everything was bathed in a soft glow, it was like I was on another planet actually. It was amazing to sit in silence and to try to comprehend the power it took to shape the beautiful landscape.

Something to consider...I didn't really need a headlamp, but due to the cliffs everywhere I'd suggest one. Be ready for some crowds, but if you want the place all to yourself stay past sunset and late into the night. Everyone leaves and it's absolutely wonderful!

After you're done, hit up Moab Brewery in town. Get the beer in the can, it's full strength. :)

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Delicate Arch Reviews

Decided to hike out to Delicate Arch in the early afternoon and man was there a lot of people. It is an incredible arch though. When you can get some photos without people standing under it, definitely take advantage. I sat there for about 2.5-3 hours and just waited for sunset. I had a similar experience the Grant (below) in that some photographers yelled over to a group who were just standing under the arch when the sun was in peak position. So, note to those who visit during sunset time, do not just hangout under the arch for a long time or you will have people yelling over at you to move.



We hiked here for sunset and to photograph it for sunset. There were some tourists that kept standing under it to take selfies durning perfect light. It was funny to hear all the fellow photographers gripe and yell at the dang tourists to go away since they were ruining the shots. Only other photographers would understand, haha.

My only option was to hike this during the middle of the day in July, so it was HOT but I was determined to see the delicate arch! Once I got there, I was able to relax and just enjoy the views for quite a while as it cooled down. An amazing place.



One of my favorite locations in the park by far. We were able to avoid the majority of crowds by getting there at 5 a.m. on a Thursday. I would suggest doing it early, it was well worth it to have the freedom to move around and shoot without people in every shot. I can't speak for rush hour, but can see this destination getting crowded since we passed countless people hiking in while we were on our way out.



This end result of this hike is truly incredible. For me, Delicate Arch was even better than anticipated. One of those moments when you know you've reached something special. The fact that it's located on a ledge of what looks like a naturally carved stadium bowl makes it even cooler. If you don't make it up here for a sunset or during a storm you've wasted your time in Arches.

Not a very long hike, pretty easy most of the way. There is one park that is steep but it's really not that bad. Great place to take pictures! Cool to stand under!

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