7-Day Grand Canyon Rafting & Hiking

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Raft 19 major rapids like Unkar, Hance, Sockdolager & GrapevineExplore Redwall Cavern & Nautiloid CanyonHike to Nankoweep & explore Native American ruinsEnd with a hike out on Bright Angel Trail

This section of the Colorado River is an excellent introduction to the canyon. The rapids start out moderate and grow larger each day, allowing you to become familiar with the boat’s movement through the rapids. Even though the biggest rapids in the canyon are below Phantom Ranch, this section has more faster moving water overall. The cliffs and rock layers rise at an almost incomprehensible rate, ending at Phantom Ranch where you spend your last night before your hike out of the canyon. Our adventure includes the vibrant colored limestone cliffs of Marble Canyon, visits to Native American ruins, ancient fossils, Redwall Cavern and a visit to the Little Colorado.

There are 19 rapids rated 5 or higher on the Lees Ferry to Phantom Ranch section. Whitewater in the Canyon is rated on a scale of 1 – 10 (unlike most western rivers which use the I – VI scale). A "1" is a small riffle, and a "10" is the most difficult rapid still considered runnable. Two of these, Unkar and Nevills produce consistent 6 (sometimes 7) whitewater, and Hance, Sockdolager, and Grapevine rapids are always an 8 or 9. The intensity of all rapids naturally depends on the water level, so readings for low and high water levels may vary slightly.

Each day varies, but on average you'll spend three-five hours on the boats. The rest of the time is spent hiking and exploring side canyons, eating, or just relaxing in camp. The easiest hikes are no more difficult than negotiating a few yards of beach sand or stepping over a few rocks. Others may go for several miles over a rough trail, climb steeply up a hot hillside, require the use of both hands over awkward boulders and demand caution as you totter on a narrow trail above a steep cliff. Our guides are happy to help novices with hand and footholds and reassurance. Many times their helpfulness enables the timid and inexperienced to get to special places that many other groups pass by. Remember, however, all hikes are optional and you can choose to relax and take in a few tanning rays or read a book instead.

The hike from Phantom Ranch to the South Rim is a serious, long (9.7-miles) and strenuous hike. This hike takes you out of one of the deepest canyons in the world with an elevation increase of more than 4500 feet. People almost inevitably underestimate the difficulty of climbing the Bright Angel Trail. Temperatures on the trail can easily reach 110 degrees or more during the summer months. Transport of your personal gear by mule is provided, but you still need to make the hike carrying a daypack holding your water bottles, lunch, camera, etc. The extra weight of your daypack significantly increases the stress and amount of effort exerted. You need to take the time to get into very good physical condition before you begin your trip. The hike to the rim generally takes six-nine hours. Please Note: This hike should only be undertaken by those in very good physical condition. It is not recommended for anyone in poor general health, who is elderly, has heart or lung disease, is overweight, or is not physically fit. If you have any of these conditions or are unsure whether you are in good enough shape for this hike, we strongly urge you to get your physician's approval for this trip.

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May 24-29; June 1-6; June 8-13; June 22-27; June 28-July 3; July 5-10; July 20-25; July 27-August 1; August 8-13; September 7-12; September 14-19; September 18-24; September 30-October 6; October 2-8; October 13-19



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Did the 2-week version and was SO sad when the adventure had to come to an end. Visiting Grand Canyon from the top isn't enough. There's so much more to explore within these magnificent canyons. Caught the adventure bug on this trip and haven't stopped since :)