Camp along the White Rim Road in Canyonlands NP

100 Miles Round Trip - Point-to-Point Trail

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Travel across rugged red rock desert with amazing rock formations, vista views, and canyon walls. White Rim is a must do for any adventurer with a 4x4 vehicle. This is 100 miles of red dirt roads and more stars than you will ever see elsewhere...

Wow where to start… White Rim is one of those places where after the first day you will forget you are even on Earth anymore.  The unreal views just don’t stop either.  Every turn opens up to another amazing scene, massive canyon or beautiful vista.  Make sure to take a dip in the Green River if you are here in the hotter months too as Summers are quite warm out here.

Make sure to do your homework in regards to permits (see links), and plan out your campsites accordingly when applying.  This takes some finesse to get everything to line up and work out properly...having some flexibility will help a ton.  They are pretty strict in wanting you to follow your plan.  There is little to no cell service out there as well so I highly recommend traveling with others, bringing LOTS of water and some spare fuel.  Also remember this is the desert so temperatures can go from sweltering during the day to freezing cold at night…plan accordingly.

Do yourself those favors and you will be rewarded with the time of your life.  The road is doable in 1-2 days however I would recommend taking it slow and really enjoying it! This trip is entirely self contained so please plan accordingly and only go prepared and with friends.

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100 Miles
Point-to-Point Trail

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Unbelievable scenery at every turn. We spread this out over three nights at different campsites along the trail and took our time.