Top Spots

Hike and Fish the Tatoosh Lakes

Packwood, Washington

7 mi

Hike to Packwood Lake

Randle, Washington

9.2 mi / 1535 ft gain

South Point Trail

Randle, Washington

6.97 mi / 3317 ft gain

Tatoosh Ridge Trail

Packwood, Washington

10.74 mi / 4170 ft gain

Hike Tatoosh Ridge from Tatoosh Trail #161

Packwood, Washington

12 mi / 4100 ft gain

Trail Run to Silver Falls

Randle, Washington

2.4 mi / 200 ft gain

Stevens Creek Trail

Packwood, Washington

1.18 mi / 456 ft gain

Hike Indian Bar - Cowlitz Divide via Box Canyon

Lewis County, Washington

14.64 mi / 4235 ft gain

Hike to High Rock Lookout

Randle, Washington

3.2 mi / 1365 ft gain

Places to stay

Randle, Washington

La Wis Wis Campground

Randle, Washington

Tower Rock Campground

Packwood, Washington

Ohanapecosh Campground

Packwood, Washington

Ohanapecosh Group Campground

Ashford, Washington

Mt. Rainier Guest Services

From $109 / night

Randle, Washington

North Fork Beaver Group Camp

Guides and stories

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Sonja Saxe

The Changing Moods of Mount Rainier National Park

Garrett Schmidt

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