The Changing Moods of Mount Rainier National Park

Chasing Sunsets in The Pacific Northwest

So I have been in Washington for about two weeks now. In the two weeks it has rained the majority of the time. Which was expected before I moved so I was ready for it. Well not really, I’m still working on getting a good rain jacket, which is super important here apparently.

I have been to Mount Rainier National Park about 3 times already I believe. Twice its been pretty clear and once pretty dreadful. But with each different setting the photos have fit the mood I have been in. For example, the first day of arriving in Washington I went. It was such a glorious day because that drive from Florida was hell, I was super excited to be finally done driving. And what do ya know, it was perfect out.

Fast forward a week. I was really missing my family and friends. And not to mention my car has been on the fritz since the head gasket repair in Boulder Colorado; yeah $3000 repair for those that haven’t gotten to experience this yet. So I was in a funk but I decided to wake up at 5am and go with some new friends I have met here. Even though I knew the weather was going to suck. These are the photos from that adventure.

Yesterday was a different ball game though. Like nothing I have seen thus far. My buddy from Florida finally made it up here and we decided to go on a hike after work to catch the sunset. After basically two weeks of rain it was nice and clear so Mount Rainier wouldn’t be hidden. I was super pumped because someone I knew from home was here. Its almost as if that park knows your personal life and throws you what you need at that moment. I have never been disappointed to be outside. And I’m super thrilled to be living in a place I have only dreamed of. Here’s to many more!!

Published: November 5, 2016

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