Hike the Grove of the Patriarchs

    1.5 miles  - Out-and-Back Trail

    Added by Alex Tande

    Brilliant opportunity to experience the awe-inspiring size of trees.

    This trail is an easy trail to hike to the end and back. With very little to no elevation gain, some comfy shoes is all you need. There is a great opportunity near the start of the trail to walk down onto the beach and get right next to the river. Shortly after that there is a suspension bridge that crosses the river. Sometimes there can be a bottleneck as it is suggested to keep the bridge traffic to one at a time. 

    After the suspension bridge, there is a boardwalk that you follow as you weave your way through the trees. Please stay on the boardwalk as to keep nature as pristine as it can be with a boardwalk running through it. 

    Very family friendly makes for a busy hike, but a fun one as the trees can make you feel pretty small once in and next to them.  

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    over 2 years ago

    Easy, But Not Exciting

    Maybe it's because I'm used to Sequoias and Redwoods here in California, but I just didn't find the Grove of the Patriarchs all that exciting. The bridge over the river is neat, but the trees themselves aren't impressive. Lots of interesting info though, so at least I got something out of it. But I wouldn't go out of my way to see this.

    Almost There

    While this is a beautiful area of Rainer national park and there are some amazing old growth throughout, it is not nearly as full of old growth as I had hoped. As you get to the end of the trail, you find some of the biggest and most beautiful amazing trees in the area, but before that, the old growth is quite limited and not as full throughout as expected. Still, for a short hike (took about 45 minutes casually walking), there are some beautiful views and it can be peaceful when not crazy busy.

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