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Coulee City, Washington

Looking for the best camping in Coulee City? We've got you covered with the top trails, trips, hiking, backpacking, camping and more around Coulee City. The detailed guides, photos, and reviews are all submitted by the Outbound community.

Top Camping Spots in and near Coulee City

  • Coulee City, Washington

    Umatilla Rock Trail

    2.66 mi / 184 ft gain
    While you probably won't accidentally find yourself out here, this is definitely an area to become acquainted with. This otherworldly landscape sits at roughly the halfway point for a fifty-mile stretch of the earth referred to as the Coulee Corridor. This land is a prime example of the sheer pow...
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  • Electric City, Washington

    Steamboat Rock

    4.12 mi / 1017 ft gain
    Steamboat Rock is a 600 acre basalt butte that rises 800 feet out of Banks Lake. The butte was carved out of the surrounding rock during the Great Missoula Floods. From atop the rock, take in the 360 degree views, appreciate the immensity of the floods and what has been left behind for us to enjo...
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  • Chelan, Washington

    Boat-in Camping at Lake Chelan

    You'll pick up the Lady of the Lake Ferry in downtown Chelan. Take the slowboat or the faster version, and prepare to settle in to an incredibly scenic and enjoyable ride up the 50 mile long Lake Chelan (the largest lake in the state by any measure). Don't forget to wear your sunblock if you sit ...
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  • Quincy, Washington

    Ancient Lakes Trail

    4.34 mi / 213 ft gain
    On the hunt for a dry, scenic backpack during a weekend of dreary, wet, early September weather in the mountains, we decided to head toward the high desert outside of Quincy, WA. After a short hike in, we found a site seldom seen - waterfalls and lakes in the midst of the desert - an area known a...
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  • Creston, Washington

    Hawk Creek Cave

    5 mi / 900 ft gain
    The ancient rock walls, cave, and falls of Hawk Creek provide an unreal day hike experience! The best time to hike to Hawk Creek cave is early spring/summer before the water level of Lake Roosevelt is back to it's regular level by July. Any age explorer will be inspired on this adventure! Driv...
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  • Chelan, Washington

    Chelan Lakeshore Trail

    18.13 mi / 4478 ft gain
    Make Note: This adventure requires out-and-back travel via the 'Lady of the Lake' ferry from Chelan, Washington or Field's Point Landing on Lake Chelan. Schedules, fares, and reservations can be made at: http://ladyofthelake.com/ The route described herein utilizes the Lake Chelan Lakeshore Trai...
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