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Newport, Tennessee

Looking for the best fitness in Newport? We've got you covered with the top trails, trips, hiking, backpacking, camping and more around Newport. The detailed guides, photos, and reviews are all submitted by the Outbound community.

Top Fitness Spots in and near Newport

  • Asheville, North Carolina

    Run through Carrier Park

    If you're in Asheville, NC and want a fun place to be outside, buzzing with activity-- you'll need to check out Carrier Park. Here, you can run along the trails, bike in the Velodrome (former race track), launch your kayak or inner tube from one of the free launches, hammock from a tree, do yoga ...
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  • Knoxville, Tennessee

    Strechi Hills Greenway

    4.2 mi / 0 ft gain
    This greeway is located in north Knoxville near the Sterchi Hills neighborhood. The greenway is 2.1 miles one way so it can make for a good run through the woods. All of the greenway is paved and most of it is under tree cover so it is shaded most of the time. This is a great trail to see birds a...
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  • Asheville, North Carolina

    Relax at Martin Luther King Jr Park

    The Martin Luther King Jr Park includes a large multi-purpose field as well as a playground that's great for kids. It's the perfect place to go solo to clear your head and chill with a book or with family and friends for an outdoor game.  Right at the entrance to the Park stands a statue of Mart...
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  • Sylva, North Carolina

    Hike to Cowee Bald Fire Tower

    4.4 mi / 400 ft gain
    The Cowee Bald Fire Tower is located in the Nantahala National Forest near Bryson City North Carolina. To get there you can either drive almost all the way to the top about .2 miles from the top but to get there you will need to have a 4WD or a higher clearance vehicle to cross a small stream. Ho...
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  • Knoxville, Tennessee

    Victor Ashe Park

    2.5 mi
    This park is located just 10 minutes from downtown Knoxville. The parking here is massive and has near 100 parking spots spread out over the park. The park offers many activities and amazing views. The main attraction of the park is the greenway and the disc golf course. The greenway runs all the...
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  • Canton, North Carolina

    Hike to Bubling Spring Falls

    0.1 mi / 50 ft gain
    The road to get to this waterfall is right off of NC 215 which comes right off of the Blue Ridge Parkway and is only about 3 miles away from parkway. The parking area is very small and does not offer many parking spots but since it is not that popular of an area parking is usually not a problem. ...
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  • Tuckasegee, North Carolina

    Hike to Dill Falls

    0.4 mi / 400 ft gain
    The drive to this waterfall can be a little muddy when there is a lot of rain and can need an AWD or 4WD in the rain. The road has some new gravel laid in parts so it could be improved in a few months. In the summer there is also a chance of seeing large dump trucks and logging trucks, but the ro...
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