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Lock Haven, Pennsylvania

Looking for the best kayaking in Lock Haven? We've got you covered with the top trails, trips, hiking, backpacking, camping and more around Lock Haven. The detailed guides, photos, and reviews are all submitted by the Outbound community.

Top Kayaking Spots in and near Lock Haven

  • Waterville, Pennsylvania

    Kayak and Fish at Little Pine Lake

    Little Pine State Park is a beautiful park in Lycoming County, Pennsylvania near Waterville. The lake is just above the campground and dam. Follow the signs at the picnic area to the boat launch.The lake offers a variety of fishing, stocked and native trout, smallmouth bass, pickerel, sunfish, ...
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  • Williamsport, Pennsylvania

    Kayak from Susquehanna State Park

    This adventure can be started from the boat launch at Susquehanna State Park in Williamsport, PA.   The river is slow moving and calm in this section.   Since the river is slow you can easily paddle up river and then return to the same boat launch. A short round trip can be made by paddling west ...
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  • Morris, Pennsylvania

    Kayak or Canoe Pine Creek: Blackwell to Black Walnut Bottom

    The start of this trip is at the Blackwell boat launch.  Get some friends together and organize a trip, leave a car at Black Walnut Bottom for the take out.  Pine Creek can be very low in summer, check this water gauge, I recommend a minimum level of 1.8 feet.  Optimal would be 2.5-3.5 feet.  If ...
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  • Trout Run, Pennsylvania

    Fish at Rose Valley Lake

    Rose Valley Lake, if you did not know is not a natural lake, it is man made. Construction of the 389-acre lake was completed in 1972. I prefer to fish for bass from the boat, but I will not hesitate to go out ice fishing in the winter either. On the lake, boats are limited to electric motors or g...
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  • Wellsboro, Pennsylvania

    Kayak Camp the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon

    Start at the Big Meadows parking area in Ansonia. The water access is at Marsh Creek but almost immediately meets up with Pine Creek. Arrange a shuttle service with Pine Creek Outfitters to either pick you up or shuttle your vehicle to the take out at Blackwell and also pick up one of their wate...
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  • Forksville, Pennsylvania

    Catch a Sunset on Bear Wallow Pond

    Bear Wallow Pond is classified as a 22 acre lake in Sullivan County, Pennsylvania found on some mountain roads.  It is small, but still big enough to explore around and enjoy a relaxing paddle through lily pads.    There is an easy access boat launch to launch your kayak or canoe and descent siz...
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  • New Bloomfield, Pennsylvania

    Hike the Buffalo Ridge Trail

    2.5 mi
    This hike is marked as one of the most difficult at Little Buffalo, but we didn't find it to be overly exhausting. For someone that is used to hiking, this trail is a breeze. There are a few semi-steep inclines, but for the most part the trail is easy to navigate. There are picnic tables located ...
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