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Top Spots

Mohican Trail 6 Mile Loop

Hanover Township, Ohio

5.93 mi / 787 ft gain

Hemlock Gorge to Covered Bridge

Loudonville, Ohio

7.43 mi / 292 ft gain

Photograph Clear Fork Gorge

Perrysville, Ohio

Hike the Pleasant Hill Lyons Falls Loop

Perrysville, Ohio

2.75 mi

Covered Bridge to Pleasant Hill Dam Trail

Perrysville, Ohio

2.32 mi / 259 ft gain

Mohican Hog Hollow Trail (Covered Bridge to Fire Tower)

Perrysville, Ohio

4.76 mi / 912 ft gain

Lyons Falls Trail to Hemlock Gorge Trail

Perrysville, Ohio

9.2 mi / 577 ft gain

Lyons Falls, Hemlock Gorge and Pleasant Hill Trail Loop

Perrysville, Ohio

10.08 mi / 1060 ft gain

Mohican Yellow Bridle Trail Loop

Perrysville, Ohio

2.66 mi / 364 ft gain