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Galena, Ohio

Looking for the best hiking in Galena? We've got you covered with the top trails, trips, hiking, backpacking, camping and more around Galena. The detailed guides, photos, and reviews are all submitted by the Outbound community.

Top Hiking Spots in and near Galena

  • Lewis Center, Ohio

    Out of Africa Trail

    3.15 mi / 131 ft gain
    Out of Africa Trail is an out-and-back trail that takes you by a lake located near Galena, Ohio.
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  • Lewis Center, Ohio

    Hike the Overlook-Dripping Rock Loop

    4.8 mi / 100 ft gain
    Starting at the nature center near the entrance of the park, the 2.5 mile long Dripping Rock Trail heads off in two directions, to the south and to the west. Either way will take you back to the nature center at the end of the day. Going west takes you past an observation deck and then along a de...
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  • Westerville, Ohio

    Hike the Overlook-Hickory Ridge-Brookside Trail

    1.6 mi
    This gravel woods path at Blendon Woods Metropark, just over 1.5 miles, is perfect for a quick hike when visiting the city! You may be close to Ohio's capitol city, but you feel far away in the woods of this park.  Come into the main entrance and turn right at the Ranger Station.  Park near the n...
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  • Columbus, Ohio

    Blendon Woods Loop

    1.97 mi / 112 ft gain
    Blendon Woods Loop is a loop trail that takes you through a nice forest located near Columbus, Ohio.
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  • Dublin, Ohio

    Photograph Indian Run Falls

    1 mi
    Indian Run Falls is a family friendly destination for the metro lifestyle. Sitting just outside downtown Dublin, the falls are easily accessible from the nearby parking lot, with the roar of the fall audible as soon as you get out of your car. For those seeking a hike, there is a 1/2 mile trail t...
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  • Plain City, Ohio

    Run the Ironweed Trail in Glacier Ridge Metro Park

    2.8 mi
    From the main entrance on the north side of the park, the Ironweed Trail connects the northern, more wooded section of the park with the wetlands to the south. This 2.8 mile one-way trail is paved, making cycling, running, and hiking an easy activity. The topography of the park also makes it easy...
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  • Spindler Road Starting Point, Ohio

    Hike the Mudsock Trail

    1.5 mi / 0 ft gain
    This trail begins at a dog park and meanders alongside farm fields and creeks. Stay to the right at the first fork to begin the Mudsock Trail. The second fork in the trail results in a loop that meets up with itself and continues on. Depending on the amount of plant growth/season, there is a trai...
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  • West Jefferson, Ohio

    Hike the Darby Creek Trail

    2.6 mi / 30 ft gain
    Parking at the Whispering Oaks Picnic Area on the west side of the park, start on the Darby Greenway Trail and follow it north across the river until you reach the beginning of the Lake View Trail. This 0.9 mile trail takes you along the largest of the Darby Bend Lakes, and even takes you past a ...
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  • Grove City, Ohio

    Hike through Scioto Grove Metro Park

    7 mi
    New in May 2016, the Scioto Grove Metro Park has about 600 acres of land in Grove City, OH. There are more than 7 total miles of connecting trails as well as picnic areas and jungle gyms.Easy to navigate, there are park maps at all major trail junctions, which makes this hike enjoyable for all. ...
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  • Galloway, Ohio

    Hike the Darby Creek Greenway

    9.6 mi / 50 ft gain
    Starting your hike from the Cedar Ridge Picnic Area, head north along the Darby Creek Greenway, a well-maintained gravel path that is a multi-use trail alongside cyclists and trail runners. The trail switches between a number of different settings during the 4.7 mile one-way trek, including fores...
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  • Heath, Ohio

    Hike the Quarry Rim-Chestnut Trail

    6 mi / 400 ft gain
    Starting at the eastern trailhead off of Gratiot Rd, follow the paved Blackhand Trail for 0.2 mile till you arrive at the sign of the Quarry Rim Trail, a 0.9 mile trail that roughly parallels the bike trail, but takes you along the rim of the old sandstone quarry that was in operation in the late...
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  • Perrysville, Ohio

    Hike the Pleasant Hill Lyons Falls Loop

    2.75 mi
    To get to this trail you can go to the Dam that is a part of Pleasant Hill Lake and there is a parking area across the street. After you start walking you reach signs that will ask where you want to go, either to the covered bridge or to the Lyons Falls.By going towards the covered bridge first y...
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  • West Liberty, Ohio

    Explore Ohio Caverns

    1 mi / 80 ft gain
    Ohio Caverns is a locally owned private establishment with guided tours through the cave system that lies beneath the rolling farmland of Central Western Ohio. The caves were formed by the dissolution of the Devonian limestone bedrock below, giving way to some of the most phenomenal cave features...
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  • Bellefontaine, Ohio

    Visit Campbell Hill

    0.1 mi / 10 ft gain
    One of the easiest of the 50 State Highpoints in the United States to visit, Campbell Hill sits just outside Bellefountaine (pronounced Bell-fountain), Ohio. Sitting on the grounds of the Hi-Point Career Center, Campbell Hill is open to visitors virtually everyday of the year during daylight hour...
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  • Rockbridge, Ohio

    Hike to Ramona Lake

    11 mi / 1600 ft gain
    Starting at the Creekside Meadows Parking Lot, follow the Creekside Meadows Trail for 0.3 of a mile until it forks into two trails. Follow the left fork towards the road, and as soon as you cross the road, the Cemetery Ridge Trail begins. Once across Clear Creek Road, the trail gains elevation fa...
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  • Logan, Ohio

    Hike to the Elusive Corkscrew Falls

    1 mi / 35 ft gain
    I like to describe this waterfall as the "elusive" corkscrew falls. A couple years ago, only one or two people had blogged on the internet about these falls. They were not super, descriptive details, so most of the time I wondered around till I found the trail. There is no big official park sign ...
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