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Faywood, New Mexico

Looking for the best hiking in Faywood? We've got you covered with the top trails, trips, hiking, backpacking, camping and more around Faywood. The detailed guides, photos, and reviews are all submitted by the Outbound community.

Top Hiking Spots in and near Faywood

  • Faywood, New Mexico

    Hydra Trail in City of Rocks State Park

    3.66 mi / 240 ft gain
    Start the hike from the visitor center. Hike toward the botanical garden and continue on the trail around the rock formations. You can wind your way through the taller rocks and enjoy the view! Connect to the other trails in the park for some additional hiking. There is little shade so bring plen...
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  • Silver City, New Mexico

    Photograph La Capilla at Sunrise

    0.25 mi / 100 ft gain
    In the last 1800's when Silver City was a booming mining town the quickly growing hispanic population of the Chihuahua Hill neighborhood built a small chapel aka "La Capilla" as a center of community activities including pilgrimages and the Festival of Our Lady of Guadalupe.  When the statue it c...
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  • Silver City, New Mexico

    Drive the Trail of the Mountain Spirits Scenic Byway

    93 mi
    Drive the 93-mile Scenic Trail from Silver City to Pinos Altos on Hwy 15  where you can stop to visit the Buckhorn Saloon and old Opera house. From there, drive Hwy 15 through the Gila National forest to the Gila cliff dwellings where you can stop for some hiking. Hwy 15 is very narrow and windin...
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  • Silver City, New Mexico

    Hike the Boston Hill Loop

    1.5 mi / 250 ft gain
    The Boston Hill Open Space is a collection of trails on what is actually three hills overlooking the town of Silver City. There are numerous vista and also several now-abandoned mines at various elevation cutting deep gorges and ravines into the hill. The primary trail is the Loop Trail which beg...
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  • 6 1st Street, New Mexico

    Explore the Geronimo Trail National Scenic Byway

    65 mi
    This scenic highway goes through some nice country side and several old historic towns, some almost ghost towns. Lots of history and interesting places to stop. There are also festivals being held at different times of the year. Caballo Lake is also along the scenic byway .
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  • Silver City, New Mexico

    Mountain Bike the Picnic Loop

    2 mi / 350 ft gain
    Called the "Berg Trail" by Silver City locals in honor of Gary Berg who pioneered the extensive trail system around Gomez Peak, the Picnic Loop beginning at the Little Walnut Creek picnic area is a great way to be introduced to the incredible mountain biking trails to be found in the area. Beginn...
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  • Deming, New Mexico

    Hike the Thunder Egg Trail

    1.21 mi / 321 ft gain
    This trail is an easy walk through cacti and desert vegetation. Hikers are allowed to collect rocks while hiking this trail. There are designated places where hikers can look for rocks. There are very good views of the Florida Mountains and the valley to the west. In the springtime many blooming ...
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  • Deming, New Mexico

    Hike the Lovers' Leap Trail

    1.1 mi / 790 ft gain
    This a short but steep trail to a saddle in the mountains with wonderful views of the surrounding mountains and valleys below. The rock formations are quite impressive. If you like solitude and quiet this is the place to go. Lots of cacti and juniper trees. If you are lucky you will be able to se...
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  • Gap Road Southeast, New Mexico

    Hike Windmill Canyon

    3.5 mi / 1200 ft gain
    This trail starts as a jeep road off Gap Road. Eventually it turns into just a hiking trail. The climb is moderate and has some very nice views along the way. Some of the cliff are quite impressive. Nice plants also can be seen. This is BLM property so BLM rules apply.
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  • Catron County, New Mexico

    Hike to Jordan Hot Springs via Little Bear Canyon Trail

    13.5 mi / 1500 ft gain
    The Gila Wilderness is the oldest wilderness area in The United States, and Jordan Hot Springs rests right in the heart of Canyon of the Middle Fork of the Gila River, along a stretch of the Continental Divide Trail and some 7 miles from the nearest road. The most direct road by either car or tra...
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  • Catron County, New Mexico

    Hike Little Bear Canyon to the Middle Fork of the Gila River

    8.5 mi / 1400 ft gain
    After driving the winding mountain road from Silver City to Gila Hot Springs, I knew I had to do more than just see the Gila Cliff Dwellings (which are stunning, don't miss them). The Gila Wilderness is the first designated wilderness in the world, championed by Aldo Leopold. A hike into this rem...
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  • Silver City, New Mexico

    Hike the Gila Loop Trail

    21.03 mi / 2600 ft gain
    Park at the end of the 15 in the parking area. Walk all the way to the end of the road where you will find the trailhead.  This is rugged New Mexico wilderness so make sure you have proper shoes, hat, and plenty of water. This trail is very close to the Gila Cliff dwellings, which you will not wa...
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  • Doña Ana County, New Mexico

    Explore Providence Cone

    2 mi
    We drove through the desert  on a winding dirt road. Once at the cone we started our climb to the top. The ascent is not too difficult  and once on top we had very good views of the surrounding landscape. Lots of interesting rock formations and also plants. There are several interesting petroglyp...
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  • Rincon, New Mexico

    Rincon Petroglyphs

    2 mi / 500 ft gain
    Started my journey right after I park on the dirt that passes under the interstate. Headed north up the hill passed an old mine and continued until I reached the arroyo. Climbed around the arroyo to see the different petroglyphs. Good views of the Rio Grande valley below.
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  • Truth or Consequences, New Mexico

    Walk the Healing Waters Trail

    Walk around the downtown area of Truth or Consequences, NM and enjoy seeing the old saps and historic buildings. Take in local history and enjoy some great local food.See the full map for trail options here. 
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