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  • Bridgewater Township, New Jersey

    Top Spots in and near Bridgewater Township

    • New York, New York

      Explore the Met Cloisters

      The Met Cloisters is an art museum owned by the Met that boasts religious (mostly Catholic) art from a range of time periods as the building used to function as a cloister for monks. The inside of the Cloisters museum is a castle-like building that can be visited for a small ticket fee (suggested...
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    • 608 Ramapo Valley Road, New Jersey

      Hike the Halifax Trail and Ruins in the Ramapo Valley Reservation

      8.25 mi / 500 ft gain
      To start, I recommend coming in the early morning or afternoon, as the parking lot fills up with people hiking, fishing or going for a walk with their family. I usually get my luckiest before 9. This park is as relaxing or exciting as you want to make it. Here is a good map to use/ print out. We ...
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    • Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey

      Hike the Dyckman Hill/Huyler's Landing Loop

      9 mi / 980 ft gain
      There is two ways to access this loop hike.  The first is from the Englewood Picnic area just off Exit 1 from the Palisades Interstate Parkway.  Parking here requires a fee of $5 May through September. The second is to drive past the Englewood Picnic area turnoff on Henry Hudson Drive and continu...
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    • West Milford, New Jersey

      Hike the Terrace Pond North - South Loop

      10.7 mi / 1200 ft gain
      From Warwick Road, parking at the northernmost road side parking area, cross the road, and the Terrace Pond North trail (marked with blue blazes) begins as a steady climb until you gain a ridge that offers some great views for several miles. Eventually, you'll reach a power line where you turn ri...
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    • Sandyston, New Jersey

      Hike the AT to Culvers Lookout Tower

      3.2 mi
      Start your journey in Stokes State Forest at the Culver Gap Parking Lot, located at 41.180239, -74.787954. From the parking lot, jump on over to the Appalachian Trail and hike Northbound. You know you're headed the right way if you are going away from the small town and cross over Sunrise Mountai...
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    • Lehman township, Pennsylvania

      Hike to Hornbeck's Creek Waterfall

      1.2 mi
      GPS Coordinates: 41.187148,-74.885454Driving Directions: From 209, enter into the Delaware Water Gap and in between the 10 and 11 mile markers you will see a sign for Hornbecks Creek with a gravel road adjacent to it. Follow the road back until you reach the parking lot and the trail will be to t...
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    • Bushkill, Pennsylvania

      Bushkill Falls Loop

      1.89 mi / 331 ft gain
      Bushkill Falls offers visitors a choice of 4 different trails to explore. All trails are very well maintained, making this trip safe for the whole family. The most rewarding trail is the Red Trail. This route brings you to all 8 of Bushkill's waterfalls. Taking the trail counter-clockwise, you w...
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    • Ringwood, New Jersey

      Explore Ringwood Manor State Park

      1.3 mi
      On my way to the drive-in, I saw a sign for Ringwood Manor estate and wanted to adventure around. The parking is easy and the property was beautiful!As we walked through the estate, we found:a quaint tree foresta small cemetery with headstones hundreds of years olda river with a small waterfall ...
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    • Lakehurst, New Jersey

      Relax at Lake Horicon

      Lake Horicon Park is located at the corner of Union Avenue and Lake Street in Lakehurst, New Jersey. For swimmers: the lake is cedar water, a lifeguard is on duty at first beach from June 19th through September 1st from 11:00 am until 5:00 pm daily. At the rear of the lake picnic tables and gr...
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    • West Milford, New Jersey

      Hike Bearfort Mountain

      5.06 mi / 1007 ft gain
      Bearfort Mountain is a great weekend morning hike that borders NJ and NY. Parking can be tricky as the entrance to the lot looks like it is Greenwood Lake Marina's boat storage area. Once parked, find the trail entrance at the top of the little hill and continue to the blue on white marked trail....
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    • Frankford, New Jersey

      Picnic at the Sunrise Mountain Pavilion

      This pavilion is one of the key features along the New Jersey section of the Appalachian Trail. There is a parking lot a very short hike part way down the mountain, but I recommend backpacking in from a different area to take in more of the beauty of the trail, mountains, and views in this area. ...
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    • Closter, New Jersey

      Hike to Huyler's Landing/ Closter Dock Loop

      5.4 mi / 450 ft gain
      The easiest way to access this loop hike is by parking at the Palisades State Park Headquarters.  This is just off exit 2 from the Palisades Interstate Parkway.  Parking here is free and it is a short walk down a road to the Closter Dock Trail.  The Closter Dock Trail is more of a wide fire road ...
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    • Dingmans Ferry, Pennsylvania

      Hike to Indian Ladder Falls Along Hornbecks Creek

      2 mi / 400 ft gain
      For some time, the trail was eroded above the first falls on Hornbecks Creek, not allowing hikers to access the creek's upper falls if they were coming upstream from Route 209. I am writing this in June 2017 and that is no longer the case! You can hike from Rt. 209 all the way up the creek to Eme...
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    • Vernon Township, New Jersey

      Stairway to Heaven

      6.8 mi / 1089 ft gain
      This popular hike starts out on the Appalachian Trail (AT, white blazes). You begin on a boardwalk that crosses over a marsh, then you leave the boardwalk and enter a forested area. At around 1.4 miles, follow a bicycle path, Canal Road, then turn right, cross over a bridge, and take a left throu...
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    • Dingmans Ferry, Pennsylvania

      Canoe and Camp in the Delaware Water Gap

      This is one of those easy, simple and truly relaxing adventures you can embark on this summer. Thanks to outfitters such as Kittatinny Canoes you'll have everything ready for you when you arrive, minus of course your camping gear. They will pick you up at the destination of your choice along the ...
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    • Closter, New Jersey

      Hike Alpine White Trail (Stateline Lookout)

      5 mi / -520 ft gain
      Starting at about 520 feet, the White path takes you along the Stateline Lookout which is a small stone building overlooking the Hudson River. The initial descent is your average hike through the woods and across a couple of wooden bridges until you reach the Giant Steps. The Giant Steps take you...
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