Northome, Minnesota

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Top Hiking Spots in and near Northome

  • Northome, Minnesota

    Hiking The Lost Forty

    A little known section of the Chippewa National Forest called “The Lost Forty" leads day hikers through some of the last remaining virgin red and white pine trees in Minnesota. These trees are 300-400 years old and measure between 22 and 48 inches in diameter. But even more incredible than the ag...
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  • Waskish, Minnesota

    Walk the Big Bog Boardwalk

    2 mi
    Big Bog, an uninspired name for the 500 sq. mile bog in north central Minnesota (the largest in the continental United States), is sometimes called Minnesota's last true wilderness. The Boundary Water Wilderness is so remote, unvisited, and uninhabitable that all attempts at settlement failed - t...
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  • Cass Lake, Minnesota

    Star Island

    Star Island is located on Cass Lake in Northern Minnesota. Camping on the island is a great experience, it is usually very secluded; it is not a remote location during the day, but after 6 pm, the island is usually empty besides the few (lucky) people that reside there during the summer months. ...
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